Thermocouple Jacks

Thermocouple Jacks and Connectors

Thermocouple jacks make connecting and disconnecting thermocouples from extension wire easy and come in various styles to suit individual requirements.

Some connectors feature polarized pins to prevent mismatches between thermocouple types. Furthermore, their body color coding indicates which thermocouple type they correspond with.

Other thermocouple connectors feature screw terminals for quick installation and removal, are UL-listed, and comply with RoHS regulations.

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Thermocouples consist of two dissimilar metal wires connected by only one point – known as the hot junction or sensing point. As each type of metal responds differently to heat, its electrons produce different voltage responses which can be measured and recorded for measurements.

Thermocouple connectors come in an assortment of configurations to meet varying thermocouple alloy requirements. Round pin standard connectors feature round pins which can be easily connected to extension stranded wire, solid core wire or overbraid cord wire with different accessories such as integral caps, strain relief mechanisms and cable clamp models for quick connection and disconnection.

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When connecting thermocouple sensors to extension or compensating wires and eventually reference junctions or instrumentation, thermocouple plug and jacks may be an ideal way of doing so. Polarized to prevent mismatch connections from being made inadvertently and clearly marked for polarity for quick identification, these round pin standard connectors can often provide the solution you’re searching for.

For easy and fast panel mount connections, consider this universal K-type thermocouple jack (or female connector). It accepts all standard-sized thermocouple connectors from various manufacturers – from round standard plug thermocouple connectors to flat blade mini, miniature, and subminiature ones – making installation fast and straightforward. Constructed with high purity alumina ceramic bodies designed to withstand high temperatures as well as having either an ANSI or IEC color coded insert, they’re designed to fit into standard 11/16″ knockouts with no screws needing to open or unscrew the screw cover cover.

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GeoCorp offers thermocouple jacks and plugs in multiple configurations to fit any type of thermocouple sensor or extension wire, including both standard round pin and miniature mini flat bladed thermocouple connectors with various body materials, temperature ratings, voltage ratings and polarized pins to prevent mismatched connections. If you need help selecting which thermocouple jack or connector would best fit with your equipment, get in touch with one of our experts – they’re more than happy to assist in finding exactly what’s required!

This panel mount universal K-type thermocouple jack fits both standard round pin and the more modern miniature mini flat blade J-type thermocouple connectors, as well as newer miniature mini flat blade versions. It includes a male plug with round polarized pins to protect against mismatched connections, as well as a crimp adaptor that can easily compress onto mineral insulated cables or metal tubes for quick attachment to standard connectors.

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Thermocouple connectors connect thermocouple sensors and extension/compensating wire to each other, typically through round pin connectors that are polarized to avoid mismatched connections. They come in an assortment of materials to suit different applications.

The Twidec/2 Pair K Type Male Female Thermocouple Plug Adapter Cable Wire Connector is an excellent way for anyone seeking reliable thermocouple connections to make connections easily and conveniently. Customers have given high marks to its durability and value-for-money credentials.

Thermocouple connectors are used to link temperature sensor instrumentation with process control HMI automation panels. Crimped onto mineral insulated cables or metal tubes for secure attachment, they come equipped with weatherproof and ruggedised features as well.

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