Thom Cat

Thom Cat

The Thom Cat daysailer is designed for those who appreciate classic wooden boats. She features sturdy construction with plenty of headroom for sleeping; plus its fine lines and attractive gaff rig give an impression of being much larger while remaining easy to trailer and drive.

Early Life and Education

Thom Cat was raised on a farm near Burlington, Iowa along the Mississippi River and gained an early appreciation of nature from his upbringing there. This passion translated to environmental education and animal husbandry – both skills he shared with children over several years of teaching them these disciplines.

He sports a bluish-gray fur, white hands and feet, long tail point, black nose with whiskers, yellow eyes, gentleman clothing and yellow nose with whiskers. First appearing in 1940 animated short “Puss Gets the Boot”, an Academy Award winner short.

Tom often loses to Jerry in their comical rivalry, yet sometimes even manages to gain the upper hand in certain episodes. These two are known for their use of action and visual humor – their slapstick rivalry an example of what’s known as “black comedy”. Our 19-foot Thom Cat Daysailer follows in this tradition with strong yet safe sailing characteristics including an attractive gaff rig design.

Professional Career

Thom is an intelligent cat who wears gentleman clothing and carries a black messenger bag. He works at the town post office managing its employees – mail cats. In addition, he delivers telegrams for 500 Rich each.

He has extensive experience working with various animal sanctuaries and facilities, enabling him to gain close up access to large exotic animals such as lions, tigers, and bears.

He now specializes in long distance healing sessions as an animal communicator and Reiki for pets Master, alleviating stress on both pet parents and their animals by not having to travel directly to a healer’s home or office for sessions geared more directly toward pet health and wellbeing.

Achievement and Honors

Thom cat has earned numerous honors and awards over his career, such as Academy Award nomination, Gracie Award and Emmy award wins, Triangle Prize for Gay Poetry Award and the PEN/Booker Prize.

Mouse has since made over 80 short films since his debut in 1946. Two early shorts he appeared in – Mouse Friday and A Mouse in the House – that depict cannibalism and racial abuse have since been taken out of circulation.

Thom has also become the object of affection from multiple female cats in Puss n’ Boots and Zoot Cat, including Toots from Puss n’ Boots and Zoot Cat. Additionally, Thom was seen attending the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in Paris wearing colorful layers of fabric and wearing an elaborate headscarf. Additionally, an app allows users to interact with him in various ways.

Personal Life

Thom cat has many hobbies that span from fishing and photography to spending time with his family: two daughters Tia and Cybell, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

He boasts a bluish-gray fur, white hands and feet, black whiskers, and an inverted tail point. Additionally, he sports small bushy eyebrows with an unruly sideburn, as well as an overgrown patch of hair on top of his head. In terms of clothing style he wears gentleman clothing accompanied by his signature baseball cap.

He is an intelligent and resourceful cat who often gets himself into trouble when in pursuit of Jerry Mouse. An accomplished inventor, he also creates all manner of gadgets to assist his adventures. Rarely speaking out aloud himself, you might hear various screams coming from him when attempts at catching Jerry prove unsuccessful or dangerous.

Net Worth

Thom Beers has been working as a television producer and narrator since the early 90s. Under Original Productions’s management, several shows such as Deadliest Catch, Lobster Wars Monster Garage Plastic Surgery Before and After have been produced with him as executive producer – such as those produced by Original Productions themselves.

He is involved in several other projects throughout his career and estimated net worth is $25 Million. FremantleMedia North America where he oversees development, production and business operations for network, cable and syndicated programming is another part-owner he belongs to.

Grumpy Cat, owned by Tabatha Bundesen and estimated to be worth half as much, ranks second as an animal wealthiest among felines, trailing only Nala Cat who has earned at least $97 Million through merchandise and music video appearances.

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