Thom Mayer

Thom Mayer – Keynote Speaker and Author

Thom Mayer is an in-demand keynote speaker and author on topics ranging from how to avoid burnout and rustout to turning stress into creative energy for leadership, crisis management and crisis aversion. Additionally, he was previously employed as an emergency physician, NFL medical adviser and founder of Best Practices.

His role was crucial in creating the NFLPA concussion protocol and advocating to change how head injuries are diagnosed in sport.

Early Life and Education

Thom Mayer initially arrived at Hanover College in Indiana on a football scholarship without plans of studying medicine; instead, he thought his football career would carry him forward as far as it could. But after visiting Duke University’s medical school for the first time – which changed everything! – he fell in love with medicine and decided to make it his career path; later that year he earned both his MD and FACEP degrees. Since then he has gone on to become a highly acclaimed medical leader and public speaker, receiving numerous awards including the Outstanding Speaker of the Year award from ACEP!

Professional Career

Thom Mayer has become one of the nation’s premier emergency doctors since graduating from Duke University School of Medicine and becoming one of its leaders. As the creator and creator of Best Practices he served as an advisor during 9/11 terrorist attacks as well as government task forces. Furthermore he served as Medical Director for NFL Players Association to ensure player safety throughout training and games and serves as sought-after speaker on topics including burnout/rustout resiliency conversion of stress to creative energy and crisis management leadership.

Achievement and Honors

After Korey Stringer died from heat stroke, Thom assumed the role of Medical Director for the NFL Players Association. In this capacity he oversaw that health and safety guidelines were created, implemented, and monitored for all NFL athletes – this included heat illness, strength training, head injuries, cardiovascular disease and lead to concussion guidelines being created and followed across all league teams. Furthermore, Thom has spoken at numerous events and is part of Mayer Brown LLP in Hong Kong’s Asia Management Committee, Graduate Recruitment Committee and Partner Sub-Committeee as well as being honored with numerous accolades including receiving their Over-the-Top Award from American Colleges for Excellence (ACEP Over-the-Top Award).

Personal Life

Thom Mayer arrived at Hanover College with no more than the goal of further developing his football talent than simply riding out his scholarship and going as far as possible with it. But one visit to Duke changed everything.

Thom graduated from Duke University Medical School and quickly established himself as one of America’s premier emergency physicians. He founded Best Practices, and frequently speaks about healthcare leadership and customer service at events throughout the country.

Since Korey Stringer died from heatstroke in 2001, his protocols have ensured head injuries, strength training and cardiovascular health are closely monitored. Furthermore, he has spoken openly about current and former NFL player health.

Net Worth

Thom Mayer is currently worth $5 Million thanks to a successful career in both business and acting. His fortune was amassed through running Tomtom Restaurant & Bar as well as doing endorsement work for major brands, and films and television appearances (Vanderpump Rules cast member and various films starring).

He has lived at 804 Poplar Ridge Dr in Chesapeake VA 23322 since July of 2001 and since that time has raised two children: Joshua and Gregory. Their family bond is extremely tight; Joshua loves traveling and Gregory enjoys playing sports such as golf, tennis and jogging while cooking and making music are also activities he likes doing in his free time.

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