Thom Wheeler

Thom Wheeler

Thom Wheeler is an acclaimed American sculptor renowned for his works highlighting humanity through culture and symbol. Additionally, he holds an MD degree and practices federal law law as an attorney.

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Early Life and Education

Thom Wheeler was born and raised on a plantation in North Carolina where he learned to read and write. Elected to the State House of Commons for four years in 1827, Wheeler later attended law school in Washington D.C. before volunteering with Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders cavalry division during the Spanish-American War as an officer.

After moving to Taos, he began producing smaller works that capture iconic Western and Southwest imagery – such as gypsy woman faces, crosses, bucking broncos, howling coyotes and saguaro cacti – with what he refers to as “wall jewelry.”

He is widely known for producing work derived from joy of life and optimism; often being commissioned by hotels, restaurants and private homes alike.

Professional Career

Thom Wheeler’s work is an expression of his affection for humanity as seen through cultures, artifacts, and symbols from around the globe that inspire him. He creates metal forms reminiscent of ancient craftsman to represent that connection to history.

He became one of Houston’s premier contemporary sculptors during the 1970s and 80s, creating monumental scale works such as 54-foot bas relief wall hangings to 60 foot three-dimensional sculptures that have been commissioned by banks, commercial buildings, hotels, etc.

After moving to Taos in 1985, his focus shifted toward New Mexican art forms. His aluminum, bronze and copper wall sculptures now take the form of giant jewelry pieces with semi-precious stone embellishments. He also began painting using a palette knife to apply thick layers of paint – this allows him to texture them similarly as with metal sculpture.

Achievement and Honors

Thom Wheeler is the recipient of two Indiana State Bar Association Benjamin Harrison Writing Awards and has been listed on multiple lists of “Indiana Super Lawyers.” Additionally, he won the prestigious Burton Award for Legal Achievement sponsored by the Library of Congress.

He graduated from The Ohio State University where he received its Alumni Medal for national and international career accomplishment. Currently residing in Washington D.C.

He creates iconic wall relief metal sculptures that have been described as classic, comic and sophisticated. He works with non-porous metals such as aluminum and uses different tools to polish and texture his pieces – many have been featured at galleries or auctions around the world and reflect his passion and optimism for life.

Personal Life

Thom Wheeler’s art reflects his joyful approach to life and unflinching optimism, creating monumental works from stone and wood which have graced restaurants, hotels and offices across the United States.

After moving to Taos, he explored New Mexican themes and customs through sculptures and “wall jewelry.” He utilized metals etched with textures for collage-style wall jewelry pieces that allude to art from distant civilizations. The end result: contemporary pictorial reliefs.

Tom has become one of the premier artistic voices today while also being an accomplished attorney and entrepreneur. He has written numerous books and screenplays, including Academy Award-nominated Cursed co-created with Frank Miller. Additionally, he is committed to providing all his children with tools necessary for lifelong success.

Net Worth

Tom Wheeler has amassed an estimated net worth of $15 Million, which allows for him to live a comfortable lifestyle and purchase luxury vehicles. A longtime businessperson and former government official, he has held various roles within his industry for decades.

He has served in a variety of leadership positions and been instrumental in the expansion of telecommunications industries. Known for his strong work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction, he also contributed significantly to creating and expanding National Archives Foundation.

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