Thomas Albus

Thomas Albus ’90 is a Father of Three

Thomas Albus currently serves as Circuit Judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit, including St. Louis County. Governor Mike Parson appointed him to fill a vacancy created by Gloria Clark Reno’s retirement.

Muscodor albus is an endophytic fungus which effectively inhibits the growth of numerous pathogenic fungi and bacteria through secreting an array of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Early Life and Education

Thomas Albus ’90 and his wife Alicia devote much of their time and attention to attending their children’s school and athletic activities – like most young parents do. But Thomas understands something much greater is at stake: their wellbeing as individuals as well as as a collective community.

Albus serves as a career prosecutor with the Department of Justice and oversees hundreds of white-collar crime and tax evasion cases, having personally conducted more than 20 jury trials himself. Prior to becoming a career prosecutor, Albus previously practiced law at Bryan Cave LLP before clerking for Judge John C. Holstein at Missouri Supreme Court.

Albus also excels as a voice actor, having dub many Muppet characters including Sal Manilla on Booty Call TV series; Joe Swanson from Family Guy; Officer Barbrady from South Park and Hermes Conrad from Futurama. Albus currently resides with his wife in Glendale Missouri.

Professional Career

Tom Albus has served as a federal prosecutor since 2002 in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, handling everything from white-collar crime and public corruption cases to white collar crime investigations. Additionally, he previously practiced law with Bryan Cave LLP of St. Louis before serving as law clerk to Missouri Supreme Court Judge John C. Holstein.

He and Alicia, his wife, are parents to four children whom they regularly attend their sports, academic and social activities. Like half of American adults, they seek protection for their family’s future by creating a will.

Albus, who won two Met Open titles, went on to compete on the PGA Tour Champions and win six major events – including 1991 Senior Players Championship victory – including five other major victories along the way. Based out of Glendale, Missouri he currently resides.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Albus serves on the 21st Judicial Circuit Court in St. Louis County and was appointed by Governor Mike Parson to fill Gloria Clark Reno’s retirement vacancy. Additionally, Thomas serves as first Assistant Attorney General of Missouri as well as practicing at Bryan Cave LLP law firm.

He is actively engaged with his community, serving on multiple boards like Mary Queen of Peace Church School & Athletic Association as well as Saint Louis University High School Alumni Board. Together with his wife Alicia he lives in Glendale Missouri.

He enjoys traveling and attending Cardinals baseball games in his free time. Additionally, he’s an avid hunter and golfer. Additionally, he’s involved with four children’s extracurricular activities and attends church regularly with them all.

Personal Life

Thomas Albus is an attorney in Missouri and first assistant prosecuting attorney general of the state, appointed to this role by Governor Mike Parson and having graduated with his law degree from University of Missouri. Additionally, Thomas has been active with various local organizations such as Mary Queen of Peace Church, Saint Louis University High School Alumni Board and Father’s Club.

Albus had an extremely close bond with both of his parents: James was an inspiring figure for Albus while Lily, his mother, instilled the humor she passed down to her son.

He inherited both his father’s stubbornness and pride; this angered him greatly when Delphi murdered Craig and tortured Scorpius; however, he refused to allow her win and went further by making efforts to reverse Cedric Diggory’s death that was believed to have been caused by Harry.

Net Worth

Tom Albus is like many young fathers: constantly juggling his family’s sporting, academic and social activities while volunteering his time to church, school and community projects with his wife. Additionally, he serves as an Assistant U.S. Attorney as well as former partner at Bryan Cave Law firm.

He oversees prosecution of crimes like identity theft and fraudulent tax returns that cost the government billions of dollars in lost revenue. Additionally, he investigates large money laundering rings and complex cases.

Governor Mike Parson appointed him to fill a vacancy created by Honorable Gloria Clark Reno’s retirement as 21st Circuit Court in St Louis County judge. Prior to being chosen for this appointment, he served as first assistant attorney general with Missouri. His term will begin on March 20, 2022.

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