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Thomas Orrange, Dean of Student Experience at Alfred University

Thomas Orrange has joined Alfred University from Medaille College where he had served as library director for 18 years.

He has served on both the core planning team for university strategic plan development, as well as Middle States self-study steering committee, and will now be leading our new high impact practices initiative.

Early Life and Education

Alfred was born sometime between 847 and 849 at Wantage in Oxfordshire and was his father Ethelwulf of Wessex’s youngest son from his first wife Osburga.

John was revered as a leader and is often cited as being at the core of England/Britain. Defeating several Viking armies, he turned the tide against their invasion while forging closer ties among various kingdoms within England in order to combat one enemy together.

Alfred was both an advocate of learning and deeply religious individual. He established numerous monasteries, such as Lindisfarne, Jarrow, Glastonbury and Canterbury which not only provided religious education but also trained missionaries to Central Europe. Additionally he created his Laws of Alfred which eventually formed the basis of English common law by the 10th century.

Professional Career

Thomas and Alfred Blalock established themselves at the forefront of American surgery with their work together, making Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock sought-after figures in this area. When Blalock accepted a job at Johns Hopkins, he requested Thomas accompany him.

As Thomas entered Baltimore, people stopped and stared as he made his way through the hallways in his white lab coat, even more impressed when they witnessed him working in the surgical room.

Though Thomas achieved great success, his pay was not sufficient. Upon learning that Vanderbilt classified him as a janitor during one salary discussion, Thomas appealed to Blalock who took swift action on his behalf – eventually Thomas became the highest-paid laboratory technician at Hopkins by 1946 as well as being by far its highest paid black employee.

Achievement and Honors

Alfred established himself as the defender of Christian Anglo-Saxons against pagan Viking threat and began liberating surrounding areas from Viking control, thus setting in motion future unity of England under his sons and grandsons.

His outstanding contributions as an innovative surgeon and researcher were acknowledged with numerous awards and honors, in particular helping create the Blalock-Taussig (B-T) shunt which became widely used during “blue babies” surgeries as well as other heart and lung operations.

Thomas was also responsible for overseeing Medaille University’s library, serving as its director and founding leader of its EQUIP program – which incorporates high impact practices into curriculum to foster student persistence, engagement and success. Furthermore, Thomas played on its rowing and boxing teams.

Personal Life

Thomas was well-liked and respected, setting high standards for himself and others alike. Additionally, he was intelligent and charming – enjoying conversations, social activities, reading books, etc.

He was an ardent Christian, vegetarian, and advocate of nonconformity. A regular contributor to Human Nature and author of multiple books on phrenology, he lived his entire life without married partners.

At Hopkins, Thomas mentored numerous black lab technicians and led pioneering research efforts in surgical shock and cardiovascular surgery. Additionally, he was widely respected author and tireless worker who was never content with his achievements.

Net Worth

Alfred is a former British SAS soldier who now runs Pennyworth Security. Thomas Wayne trusts Alfred as his security guard and close friends have included Bazza and Dave Boy as close confidantes. Additionally, Alfred served alongside Gulliver Troy at SAS during their time together.

At the conclusion of Comply or Die, Alfred visited Sandra in Silver Birch. She had become extremely drunk, nearly dying before Alfred came along and saved her. They enjoyed each other’s company before sleeping together that night – calling their mom in the morning afterward to inform them both.

He remains very secretive regarding his personal life and prefers not to discuss details regarding his dating history or current relationship status, although it is believed he is currently single after making three trades of Community Bank System stock.

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