Thomas Bag

Thomas Bag – The Cofounder of BODYARMOR

Not like other bags, the cofounder’s fashionable line is lightweight, washable, water resistant and vegan – making it the ideal spring break bag!

Sue Fuller founded Oliver Thomas (after her adorable dog), after becoming dissatisfied with carrying bags that weighed more than their contents.

Early Life and Education

Tom lived in an unforgiving neighborhood, yet found solace in books and the library. His love of literature encouraged his aspirations of becoming an author.

After graduating high school, he attended North State Fitting School where he excelled in English and literature classes. His ambition was to pursue writing as his passion after graduation from high school.

But his plans changed after being accepted to law school, when he graduated he was offered an appointment as Missouri attorney general’s office intern, providing access to John Danforth (later senator in his own right). Loury asserts that Thomas never really found his voice as an ideological voice within Congress.

Achievement and Honors

BODYARMOR recently honored him for his outstanding efforts and achievements with their Love of the Game Award, an accolade honoring those who demonstrate unflappable work ethics and sportsmanship both on and off the field. Additionally, this scholarship worth $1,000 comes with this recognition of their hard work.

He has earned All-America honors twice and competed in the NCAA Bryan Regional last season. An Albuquerque native, he is also two-time Southwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year as well as being nominated for Butkus Award as a finalist.

N.R. Narayana Murthy is the founder and chairman of Infosys, one of India’s premier technology firms. He is honored with multiple awards and honours such as Padma Vibhushan from India’s government as well as France’s Legion d’honneur and CBE for services rendered. More recently he received Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal for Global Innovation.

Personal Life

Thomas was an unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll rebel. After dropping out of school and spending two months in jail for illegal drug use, he soon got involved with music as an independent artist. Thomas credits this chaotic adolescence as having prepared him well for rock ‘n’ roll’s hectic world.

Thomas would later secure employment at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where he met and became friendly with Anita Hill; this post would last eight years.

Clarence Thomas’ ideology may have become less tangible over his time on the Supreme Court, according to one friend and conservative speaker Glenn Loury (a Black academic and conservative speaker). According to Loury he seemed almost devoid of ideology;

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