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AFGE Calls For USP Thomson Warden Thomas Bergami to Be Removed

AFGE has long called for Bergami to resign over allegations of sexual assault suffered by guards while at Bergami’s lockup – often from maximum-security prisoners exposing themselves or masturbating in front of them – leading to 321 incidents last year alone, as reported by their union.

However, Durbin said he does not believe removing Bergami would solve the issues related to safety and morale.

Early Life and Education

This week, Bureau of Prisons personnel will visit USP Thomson in Illinois in order to assess its leadership skills and explore what changes could be implemented to boost staff morale. A few weeks prior, leaders of the union representing Thomson staff sent a letter requesting warden Thomas Bergami be removed immediately.

AFGE Local 4070’s leader claims that Bergami’s leadership has placed his staff, inmates, and communities at risk. According to him, an abundance of serious incidents occurred and were left unaddressed due to Bergami’s inaction; furthermore he alleges Bergami allowed and encouraged leadership to commit whistleblower retaliation as well as safety violations.

Durbin spent over two hours touring the facility Friday, meeting with union leaders, inmates, and Bergami himself – refusing to comment on their request for his removal.

Professional Career

Bergami is well-established in the construction industry, working on both residential homes and commercial businesses. Beginning his career at Alinabal Inc in 1966 as a tool and die apprentice, he later rose through its ranks to plant manager before taking on Group President duties for Practical Automation Inc; Daco Instrument Co; and Sterling Screw Machine Co as part of Alinabal Holding Corp.

Bergami is not only known for his business ventures but is also an accomplished sculptor and art collector with several pieces in his personal collection that he often exhibits publicly.

Bergami was also an ardent philanthropist, serving as lead donor of University of New Haven’s Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation designed by Katelyn Chapin of Svigals + Partners – reflecting both innovation and community values.

Achievement and Honors

Bergami has earned many academic accolades as well as participating in community activities across Milford, Conn. He and his wife currently reside there where he also serves as trustee for University of New Haven and Chairman for EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation – also serving as non-executive directors at SNAM SpA Ferrarelle SpA and European Foundation for Management Development respectively.

In January, a union representing federal correctional workers at USP Thomson demanded Warden Thomas Bergami be removed due to his failure to address sexual assaults by inmates as well as any complaints of retaliation against whistleblowers. Furthermore, according to American Federation of Government Employees figures there had been 321 incidents of sexual misconduct last year alone.

Personal Life

Staff union leaders at Thomson prison are demanding the immediate resignation of warden Luca Bergami for failing to address rampant sexual attacks and lewd exposures by inmates. According to Jon Zumkehr of AFGE Local 4070, Bergami’s leadership has caused low morale, safety infractions, whistleblower retaliation as well as more than 60 staff member departures over four months resulting from whistleblower retaliation, which resulted in over 60 staff leaving.

Donovon Crawford, an inmate of USP Thomson, filed a writ of habeas corpus seeking expungement of two disciplinary tickets and restoration of 54 days of good-time credit. Additionally, he seeks a declaratory judgment alleging his rights were violated during two proceedings; however, defendant Andrew Ciolli counters by asserting that Crawford did not exhaust administrative remedies, while their disciplinary procedures met all due process requirements.

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Samuel S. Bergami Jr. is the CEO and co-owner of Alinabal Holdings Corp, a wholesale distributor of specialty chemicals. A member of Milford Chamber of Commerce, Samuel has received several awards for business excellence over time.

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