Thomas Bodnar

Thomas Bodnar

Thomas Bodnar was an extreme paedophile who sexually assaulted three siblings – including one with developmental disabilities. This conduct resulted in him receiving an eleven year prison sentence.

Clifton C. Garvin Professor of Geochemistry and University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech. His work provided valuable insights into Earth processes by investigating fluid chemistry of trapped fluids and melts within rocks.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Bodnar was born in Harmar, Pennsylvania to Frances “Dolly” Bodnar and Albert J. Bodnar and survives with his wife Heather Bodnar and their two children Benjamin and Kathryn; as well as three brothers and four sisters.

In 1984, Bodnar sexually assaulted multiple children, including one with developmental disabilities. For his crime he was arrested and served ten years of incarceration.

He found great comfort in having many close friendships, as well as lending them help when needed. A graduate of Penn State University and Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. Both Ed and he passed away from cancer; their legacy lives on through the Bodnar-Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund that grants students who have been affected by it scholarships to attend college or vocational school.

Professional Career

Bodnar has an established track record as an executive in high-growth software companies. Most recently he served as Senior Vice President of Enterprise MultiFamily Solutions at RealPage where he oversaw five SaaS and service businesses. Additionally, he founded auxilium Inc. as well as serving as its former CEO.

He has presented at numerous international conferences for coaches and trainers and is an author. Additionally, he lectures both locally and nationally on subjects including periodontics, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry.

Oded Fehr has also appeared in multiple television shows. Most notably, he made an appearance during season eight of NCIS in which Ziva David and Leon Vance hunted down former Mossad deputy director Ilan Bodnar (Oded Fehr). Their confrontation took place during “Revenge”, with Oded Fehr returning alongside Alan Dale for its finale episode.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Bodnar has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. He is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Chemical Society as well as serving on the Board of Directors for American Dental Association.

Penn State professor Peter Breus is widely recognized for establishing and popularizing the Biobehavioral Health major at Penn State, and served as director of its School of Nursing prior to becoming one of its professors.

Bodnar uses fluid chemistry to unlock clues about Earth’s processes by studying minute amounts of trapped fluids and melts found everywhere from granites to meteorites. He attributes his success to Virginia Tech faculty and departmental leadership who allowed him the freedom to pursue initiatives outside his typical areas of focus.

Personal Life

Thomas Bodnar is a proud Penn State University alum and Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brother. In his free time he enjoys travelling and spending time with family and playing/following soccer.

He has presented to community and dental groups locally and nationally on topics ranging from gingival aesthetics to periodontics, serving both Greater Cleveland Dental Society and Ohio Dental Association memberships.

Dr. Bodnar has filed several motions to set aside the default judgment in this lawsuit, most recently providing an affidavit from one of his litigation attorneys, Stephen Paul Forrest. Mr. Forrest states that Cigna informed them on January 2, 1985 that they would act as doctor’s malpractice insurers in this action and therefore required them to investigate and defend against this claim.

Net Worth

Thomas Bodnar has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. Throughout his financial industry career, including being former CEO of an insurance company. Furthermore, he founded and runs his own real estate investment firm as well as serving on various publicly listed company boards.

Thomas John Bodnar was one of the most intelligent and manipulative predators ever caught by To Catch a Predator, being part of their Big Brother, Big Sister program and then abusing their three children over time.

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