Thomas Bowling

Thomas Bowling – A Kentucky Murderer

Thomas Bowling was found guilty and sentenced to death for the April 9, 1990 murders of Tina and Eddie Earley in Lexington, Kentucky. His attorneys are appealing his sentence as well as seeking clemency on his behalf.

James Bowling left Thomas 200 acres of Strife in his will dated 1692, along with some land near Newport Town for Roger and John Bowling (then sons of Thomas). This gift included their heirs.

Early Life and Education

Many members of the Bowling family still reside in Kentucky’s Holy Land today, scattered among Nelson and Marion Counties with New Haven as the epicenter. Many women from this extended family became Sisters of Loretto.

Bowling was an outstanding basketball player at West Fannin High School and played an instrumental part in leading their regional championship wins in 1962 and 1964.

His attorneys argue that due to mental retardation, he should not be executed. According to Atkins’ ruling by the Supreme Court, states cannot execute individuals with mental retardation while public opinion opposes this act of capital punishment. Furthermore, his legal representatives argue that he did not commit the murders as evidence against him is circumstantial and their client will appeal their conviction and request clemency from their government.

Professional Career

Thomas Bowling was an accomplished actuary who passed all actuarial exams and worked at multiple firms. His strong work ethic and willingness to assist others made him a valued member of his communities as well as being a United States Marine Corps Veteran.

At Frostburg State University, he led several key initiatives that included Alcohol Education, mandating that all first-year students take Introduction to Higher Education courses, as well as creating Outside the Classroom and International Educational Opportunities programs. Furthermore, he served on both the ACT Board of Trustees and Fulbright Association boards of trustees.

PBA Tour champion three times and winner of two major titles, he also holds several other trophies and currently plays with Cleveland Comets of National Professional Fastpitch League.

Achievement and Honors

Bowling’s floral design talent earned him invitations to create floral arrangements for high-profile events, including the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena and helping decorate the White House; additionally he served as florist at Academy Awards ceremonies.

At the university, he has served as an innovative leader, spearheading initiatives such as mandating all first-year students take Introduction to Higher Education as required coursework. Additionally, he was instrumental in the creation of Honors program as well as nationally-renowned civic engagement and international educational opportunities at UCF.

Lemay is currently part of Club Green and Future Business Leaders Phi Beta Lambda at Thomas. Additionally, she plans on beginning an accelerated master’s in accounting once her bachelor’s degree is complete.

Personal Life

Bowling was a soft-spoken, caring individual known for his sense of humor and ability to tell an entertaining pun. He will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.

He was an active member of his community, volunteering his services with organizations such as United Way of Middle Tennessee and American Red Cross. Additionally, he belonged to several professional associations such as NASPA – Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education as well as Fulbright Association as he himself had participated in a Fulbright program abroad.

Thomas was also one of the finest bowlers of domestic Twenty20 cricket during his time with Pune Warriors, Dhaka Gladiators in Bangladesh Premier League and Adelaide Strikers (for both 2011-12 season and 2013-14) respectively in Big Bash. Thomas earned himself recognition among one of its premier domestic Twenty20 players during this period.

Net Worth

Thomas Bowling has amassed an impressive net worth by providing comprehensive insurance, investing, and personal financial advice to individuals. Additionally, he has published educational material about life insurance and annuity products.

He currently holds the position of SVP, Human Resources and Organization at RTX Corp and owns about 2,640 shares in the company valued at $190,000. Additionally, in the last 18 months he completed 21 insider trading transactions within that timeframe.

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