Thomas Carrier

Thomas Carrier – Senior Managing Director at Blackstone

Thomas Carrier worked at Blackstone as a Senior Managing Director within Institutional Client Solutions group and as head of U.S. Private Capital Group.

He was born in Wales and later married Martha Allen, sister of Mary Toothaker, in March 1674. Together they relocated to Billerica where they resided near Mary Toothaker and her family.

Early Life and Education

Carrier was an imposing individual of great strength and agility, noted by family genealogy as having transported corn from Glastonbury mill all the way across to Somerset county only stopping once to adjust his burden and shift it.

At an early age, his family moved from South Billerica to north Billerica near the Toothakers who would later testify against Martha during the witch trials. Selectman Edward Hurd believes smallpox may have been behind this move.

His parents taught him reading and writing skills, then he attended Angola Academy before enrolling at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. To pay for his education he worked between semesters to contribute financially; he graduated in 1901 with a degree in mechanical engineering, later founding Carrier Corporation.

Professional Career

Thomas Carrier has spent his career crafting solutions that benefit people and the planet alike. His efforts have resulted in safe, healthy homes and buildings as well as cold chain solutions designed to extend food and medicine storage lifespan.

Through his partnership with Russell Wilson, he is dedicated to sharing how innovations like Abound digital platform and Carrier room air purifiers can enhance health, safety and sustainability for homes and buildings. Russell understands that peak performance on both fields and in buildings begins with overall wellness and an unpolluted indoor environment.

Thomas Powell Carrier was an engineer renowned for creating the first modern air conditioning system and revolutionized lives worldwide. This groundbreaking invention led to improved quality of life across the board; thus earning him recognition by Time magazine as one of their 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century.

Achievement and Honors

Carrier was also a two-term member of Pampa High School Student Council and participated as two varsity athlete sports: Eagle soccer and football – as well as serving as St Thomas Ambassador. Additionally, he earned his College Board AP Scholar with Distinction award, and four consecutive Principal’s Scholarship memberships; which recognizes students for maintaining an overall 4.0 GPA during seven consecutive semesters.

Family legend holds that his ancestor from Wales served in King Charles I of England’s Royal Guard as bodyguards at 7′ 4″, making him ideal for membership due to size and strength requirements. On execution day itself, Thomas served as headsman when no regular executioner could be found; his courage and physical prowess became the source of much talk among local townsfolk.

Personal Life

One of the many mysteries surrounding Thomas Carrier lies in his past. Born a Morgan, he changed it for unknown reasons before changing it back. Rumor has it that Thomas served in King Charles I’s bodyguards; when execution time came around, Cromwell appointed Thomas as headman instead.

Due to England’s restoration and its subsequent condemnation of regicides, Morgan was required to abandon his last name; it is thought he did this prior to moving from Andover to Billerica.

Once Thomas’ wife Martha was accused of witchcraft and executed at Salem, Connecticut, the family moved to Colchester where Thomas ultimately passed away at an age of 109 years old.

Net Worth

Thomas Carrier currently leads Blackstone’s Institutional Client Solutions group as Senior Managing Director and heads their U.S. Private Capital Group. Prior to Blackstone, Thomas was Partner at Offit Capital; an advisory firm which specialized in creating global, multi-asset class portfolios for individuals, families, and non-profit institutions.

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