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Thomas Comberger on the Run

Four inmates and one woman were captured after five inmates attempted to escape from Star Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace Saturday night, prompting sheriff’s deputies to call for backup when Allie Angelo and Matthew Sladen helped them escape. Both have since been arrested as accomplices.

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Authorities are searching for one of five inmates who escaped from Star Community Justice Center on Saturday night, Sheriff David Thoroughman announced. Thomas Comberger, 46, remains at large; anyone seeing him should contact 911 immediately. Additionally, Allie Angelo and Matthew Sladen assisted Jeffrey Fields, Thomas Comberger Clifford Morris Aaron Brigeman Walker Pence from fleeing. Both Angelo and Sladen face charges related to helping these inmates escape.

Professor of Homeland Security tells WSAZ the facility where these inmates were held likely had minimal security measures in place and suggested that hopping the fence wouldn’t require much planning or effort to accomplish.

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Thomas Charles Comberger, 46, who fled STAR Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace, Ohio on Saturday remains at large and authorities are currently looking for him. All four other escapees have since been captured. Sheriff David Thoroughman believes they jumped over a fence using bolt cutters thrown by Allie Angelo and Matthew Sladen in order to help their fiance Jeffrey Fields escape custody; Allie Angelo and Sladen have since been charged with crimes related to this jailbreak attempt.

Experts agree that such escapes are possible at any facility with inadequate security. Robert Allen, professor of homeland security at Tulane University, notes these individuals likely were no threat to society and could have made their escape easily by jumping the fences.

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Thomas Comberger was one of five inmates who managed to escape from Star Community Justice Center on Saturday and authorities have asked that anyone seeing him contact 911 immediately.

Four inmates at a facility allegedly managed to escape by climbing over the fence at some point, with help from outside sources, according to the sheriff’s office. Allie Angelo and Matthew Sladen, Allie Angelo’s ex-husband, came during recreational time for inmate recreational time at the center and gave the inmates wire cutters with which they cut through the fence – both were arrested for aiding their escape attempt.

Tulane University professor of homeland security says the facility where inmates escaped likely has low security measures in place and that jumping over fences is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require too much planning for escapees to reach freedom.

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