Thomas Conelias

Thomas Conelias passed away suddenly on April 29, 2022 at 67 years old, long-time resident of Greenwich CT and owner of Conelias Refuse. He was predeceased by both his father Philip Conelias and beloved son Thomas Conelias Jr.

Vasiliki Orsaris worked at the local office where her brother served.

Early Life and Education

Tom William Conelias “Tom”, known to many as Poppi, passed peacefully on December 13, 2020 following a short illness. He leaves behind his loving wife of 64 years Eileen Conelias (Ring) of Greenwich CT; their five daughters Kathryn Wile(Michael), Carolyn Conelias(Larry Nania), Kelly Milazzo(Robert), Kimberly Faugno(Patrick), Erica Strazza(Joseph Pilloni) as well as four great-grandsons Ryan Grayson Peyton and Thomas who will miss him immensely.

Tom was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and later relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut where he attended Greenwich High School, graduating in 1954. Additionally he served in the US Army before becoming a volunteer fire fighter himself for Greenwich Volunteer Fire Department. Tom was an ardent collector of antiques who greatly valued spending time with his family and was always available when needed.

Professional Career

Thomas Conelias served for decades with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, beginning his tenure as president of Local 851 in 2000 and continuing after its merger with Local 295. Additionally, from 2005-14 he held office with the National Labor Relations Board.

Conelias is well-known as a local fundraiser and is responsible for giving more than $4,400 to Singas over his two runs for Nassau County District Attorney over time, including nearly $2,000 in cash donations and another nearly $3,300 worth of in-kind contributions.

On April 29th 2022 he passed away at the age of 67, leaving behind his loving wife Dana Conelias; mother Helen Conelias; children Carissa Conelias, Jessica Magdalinos Becky Conelias Dimitrios Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos Dimitrios Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos Dimitrios Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos Dimitrios Magdalinos Kristina Magdalinos; Christopher Pierce; Kali Bey Conelias Riley Alcin and Tallulah Gainer as well as siblings John Conelias (wife Terry) and Phyllis Monick (husband Gregory). All his lifelong residence of Greenwich was noted.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Conelias has earned numerous accolades during his illustrious career. At home, his life is filled with happiness as he shares 64 years with wife Eileen Conelias (Ring), their five children (Katharyn Wile/Michael Wile (Michael), Carolyn Conelias/Robert Milazzo(Robert), Kimberly Faugno/Patrick Faugno & Erica Strazza/Joseph Pilloni).

Conelias Refuse of Greenwich is his family business and an active participant of the Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work. He has long-held friendships with Theo Apostolou, her family, including Peter Conelias (her brother). Peter serves as trustee for IBT Local 851 as well as being an IBT member himself since 1990 – always willing to lend assistance when needed! Among his co-workers he enjoys an excellent rapport, always ready to lend a helping hand when others require it!

Personal Life

Thomas Conelias lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife Dana Conelias and four children. Thomas worked for IBT Local 851 until it merged with another local in an attempt to stay solvent; he is Peter Conelias’ brother – former IBT Local 851 president himself.

At least $4,400 was contributed by his family members to Singas during her two campaigns for Nassau County District Attorney, and in addition to monetary gifts he also gave numerous in-kind contributions.

He uses several aliases, including Tom Conelias and Thos Conelias, when writing checks. In addition to living at 37 Edgewood Avenue B Greenwich CT 06830; 8218 Springlake Dr Boca Raton Florida and 6201 SW 37th St APT 201 Davie Florida.

Net Worth

Thomas Conelias’ estimated net worth is an estimated $1 Million. He owns several pieces of property throughout Greenwich and Connecticut as well as various trucks and other vehicles. Furthermore, Thomas Conelias was once an executive for local 851, until it was merged with local 295 in an attempt to reduce financial concerns within his union.

He is Theo Apostolou’s brother-in-law and has several family members working at his union – creating an inherent conflict of interest between personal and professional priorities.

At 67 years old and a lifelong Greenwich resident, Philip Conelias leaves behind his wife Dana as well as beloved children Carissa, Jessica, Becky, Dimitrios George and Kristina Conelias; as well as three beloved grandchildren Christopher Pierce Kali Bey Riley Alcin Tallulah Gainer as well as siblings John Conelias (wife Terry) and Phyllis Monick (husband Gregory). Unfortunately he was predeceased by both Philip and Thomas Conelias Jr.

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