Thomas Dorsher

Thomas Dorsher, ChariTel, Ontel, and ScammerBlaster Fined $7,000 Each

FCC officials recently proposed one of its highest fines against Thomas Dorsher and his entities ChariTel Inc, Ontel Inc and ScammerBlaster for engaging in an illegal scheme to pump calls through toll free numbers illegally. The National Arbitration League provided details regarding this conduct in its NAL.

Each call generated revenue for Dorsher’s robocalling operation while helping fund Ontel’s traffic pumping activities – including launch of denial of service attacks against telcos.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Dorsher was an enthusiastic hardworker who took great pleasure in attending family picnics at University Park. Additionally, he would listen to Prairie Home Companion every Saturday afternoon broadcast. To unwind after work he enjoyed golf or reading.

On Friday, the FBI arrested and charged 50-year-old Thomas Dorsher aka “Scammerblaster” from Oakes, North Dakota with five crimes involving computer fraud, abuse, extortion and harassment. If found guilty he faces up to 32 years of prison and more than $1 Million in fines.

Jim Casey of Game Show Trivolution claims the software purchased from Dorsher to run his trivia shows never worked properly and when he warned others in an online Facebook group to steer clear, Dorsher called back over 10 thousand times within two hours threatening to close down his company.

Professional Career

Dorsher not only worked at the Rochester Athletic Club but was also coaching tennis for a local high school. While at one point coaching, Dorsher was accused of engaging in nonconsensual sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl; for which he was charged with gross misdemeanor and sentenced to 19 days of jail time.

At his court appearance on Friday, 51-year-old Oakes resident Jesse Scott called the charges “bogus”. If found guilty on all five criminal counts – computer fraud and abuse, extortion and harassment among them – he could face up to 32 years of incarceration and over $1 Million in fines.

One peculiar aspect of the FCC’s case against Dorsher was their seemingly irrelevant estimate of global fraud, suggesting they may have been motivated more by personal vendetta than punishing fraudsters.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Dorsher is well regarded and esteemed in his community. In recognition of this achievement, he has received various honors and awards including DeLaSalle High School’s Lasallian Award and induction into their Hall of Fame, and Brother Michael Collins Award.

Dorsher was arrested and charged in federal court with five crimes related to computer fraud and abuse, extortion, harassment and threats against three Utah companies with the aim of overwhelming and disabling their servers – this alleged operation ran from his basement in Oakes North Dakota; during his initial appearance before a judge he called these accusations “bogus”.

Personal Life

One man from Oakes, North Dakota has been charged in federal court with various forms of computer fraud and abuse, extortion and harassment. Scammerblaster is believed to have threatened and launched computerized attacks against three Utah-based companies to overload their servers; furthermore he allegedly doxxed and harassed their employees.

Friday was Dorsher’s initial federal court appearance where he denied all of the charges as “bogus”. Jim Casey of Florida-based gameshow company says he purchased software from Dorsher for his business in 2015. Unfortunately, it reportedly never worked properly and cost thousands.

Rosenworcel had long voiced her dissatisfaction with our broken system of justice prior to becoming chairwoman of the FCC. She realized that empty threats won’t deter criminals, while also learning more about how the US investigates and enforces telecom system abuses laws.

Net Worth

FCC fines against entities responsible for illegal robocalls totalling hundreds of millions have only ever been collected to date; according to published reports. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has voiced her disappointment for years and wants Congress to provide her with the power to collect fines directly, rather than depending on Justice Department collections alone.

Last Thursday, the FTC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability against Thomas Dorsher and ChariTel Inc for allegedly making nearly 10 million calls between January and March 2021 directing recipients to Scammerblaster site which Dorsher owns and designed to generate revenue from toll-free number dialing fees and provide benefit to Scammerblaster website.

Jim Casey of Oakes, North Dakota-based Game Show Trivolution was one of the many victims to receive scammer calls in an unprecedented two hour span; these calls caused his business to cease operations and caused him to lose thousands in revenue.

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