Thomas Easley

Thomas Easley

Thomas Easley is an artist renowned for combining realism, abstract, and miniaturist detail into paintings that express his signature style. From wine series to his rooster series, Easley creates vibrant paintings filled with color.

Thomas is both a forester and diversity professional, using his background in genetics/education/forestry to deliver community workshops and course lectures, as well as provide diversity facilitation services to F&ES faculty, staff and students.

Early Life and Education

Thomas RaShad Easley possesses an abundance of varied talents and interests, from professional skiing and playing lead guitar in a rock band, to writing, teaching and painting. Although he had no formal art training whatsoever, he learned through studying works by artists he admired as well as reading books about painting techniques.

He has experience working in the forestry field, teaching law and writing about gay rights and AIDS awareness – in this latter capacity he was instrumental in leading to the repeal of the US military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.

Current teaching assignments include North Carolina State University where he recruits students of color to study natural resources. He has also performed hip hop music as part of a gospel choir and serves as pastor at a church for people of diverse backgrounds.

Professional Career

Thomas Easley has displayed a vast array of skills throughout his career. He holds both a master’s degree in forest genetics and doctorate degree in education; has performed hip-hop music under RaShad’s moniker; is passionate about diversity; recruiting minority students into natural sciences fields etc.

His diverse background has allowed him to combine traditional styles with new ones to craft his own signature style, creating paintings with an energetic sense of movement and energy that convey emotion and sensation. He works on various topics including wine still lifes, breathtaking architectural landscapes and nudes.

His style combines elements of realism, abstract, minimalism, impressionism and mysticism into his paintings, which often feature vivid hues with dramatic contrasts and exquisite detail. Additionally, his technique involves layering acrylic paint onto board for layering and sculpting effects.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Easley boasts an impressive set of credentials: master’s in forest genetics, doctorate in education and hip-hop performance are just a few examples. Additionally, he serves as director of diversity and inclusion at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

His artistic journey has taken him from the snowcapped Sierras to England’s verdant hills and Venice’s canals, leading him to develop a versatile repertoire of painting styles and themes.

He is best known for his depictions of vibrant architectural landscapes and powerful 3-Dimensional Realism; his work is bold and life affirming. Roosters in particular stand out, depicted with movement and energy that capture the movement and energy. Additionally, he has produced cityscapes, floral still lifes, sensual nudes, as well as sensuously nudes all in an impressionist/realist/abstract style that are truly his own creations.

Personal Life

Thomas Easley possesses a variety of artistic talents and abilities. His portfolio boasts miniature paintings, magnificent architectural landscapes, sensual nudes and extreme Impressionism works.

Easley was an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights and worked to assist gay military personnel and their families. He served on the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and organized for its repeal.

Easley is also a clinical herbalist, practicing traditional herbalism with modern scientific advances to treat health problems with herbal remedies, diet, stress reduction techniques, supplements and musicianhip performances under RaShad’s name – his musical talent helping promote community involvement and environmental justice through community involvement efforts as an Assistant Dean for Community and Diversity at Yale School of Forestry.

Net Worth

Jaime Manson Easley, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for Global X Funds, reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of more than $1.75 Million dollars. Over the past eight years he has made numerous trades in FLOW stock worth an estimated total of over $2 Million dollars; on 20 December 2021 alone he exercised 15,622 units valued at over $1,335,525. In addition, his annual salary from work totals an estimated sum of $771,599.

Thomas M. Easley’s (American, born 1949) Blue Cheese and Happy Grape (acrylic on board, signed lower right). Framed dimensions: H: 50 1/8 in x W: 30 1/4 inches. Provenance: Waterfront Estate in Stamford Connecticut with private collection status; Photo credit is given via Artnet.

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