Thomas Firestone

Thomas Firestone is a Co-Chair of Stroock & Lavan’s White Collar & Internal Investigations Practice

Tom Firestone serves as co-chair of Stroock’s White Collar & Internal Investigations practice and as a member of its National Security/CFIUS/Compliance Practice Group. He specializes in complex international investigations and risk management relating to anticorruption compliance with laws such as FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), sanctions and Bank Secrecy Act among other regulations related to money laundering laws.

Early Life and Education

Harvey Firestone began his career by serving as bookkeeper at his uncle’s buggy manufacturing company in Columbiana, Ohio. Later he ventured on his own and established a successful rubber tire business.

His success led him to open the world’s largest rubber plantation in Liberia. Employing thousands of African workers who worked with harsh chemicals that caused pain, numbness and even blindness for some, this enterprise employed thousands of African laborers who faced dangerous working conditions such as chemical burns.

Dexter: Gregg Mitman, Vilas Research Professor of History and Medical History at the University of Wisconsin, recently published Empire of Rubber detailing his research of Firestone’s early days in Liberia. Join us as he shares this intriguing history!

Thomas was previously posted with the DOJ in Russia where he worked on corruption and national security cases, later moving back to Washington DC for good.

Professional Career

Thomas is an expert in transnational financial crime and corruption investigations. At Stroock law firm he leads their White Collar & Internal Investigations practice and is a member of its National Security/CFIUS/Compliance Practice Group.

He was an esteemed concert performer during the 1940s and 1950s. His concert repertoire consisted of lieder, opera arias, ballads, spirituals and spiritual songs. Additionally, he was widely respected voice teacher.

Firestone had not been named publicly as a human rights violator prior to appearing on Russia’s blacklist, according to William Browder of Hermitage Capital who employed Thomas in Moscow and suspects the Russian government has kept him off this list to maintain positive relations with the United States.

Achievement and Honors

Firestone expanded their diversification efforts to include fabrics and footwear production. However, World War II caused severe disruption in their industry; natural rubber imports from Africa and Asia had to cease due to military conflicts; therefore Firestone began producing special military tires and goods at their plant in Akron.

Thomas was also well known as a concert singer throughout his career, performing Lieder, opera arias and ballads for audiences worldwide. Additionally, Thomas made regular television and radio show appearances.

Each department outlines its own process for honors theses; students should contact their Honors Program in order to learn about nomination deadlines and requirements. Stanford awards its Firestone and Golden medals and Kennedy Honors Thesis prizes at a midday ceremony during Commencement Weekend.

Personal Life

Firestone was an enthusiastic supporter of Florida, purchasing winter estates along the coast and encouraging tourism. Furthermore, his vast financial and political clout allowed him to significantly advance rubber research in Florida, leading to numerous botanical and chemical advances.

Thomas Edison and Firestone worked closely to develop viable synthetic rubber materials suitable for tires. Together they made synthetic rubbers an integral component of automobiles thanks to this invention of new materials that could make Firestone tires part of their automobiles’ rims.

Tom Firestone is a partner at Stroock & Lavan and co-chair of their White Collar & Internal Investigations practice and National Security/CFIUS/Compliance Practice Groups. He specializes in complex investigations spanning international borders and represents clients before DOJ, SEC, OFAC and other US government agencies in matters pertaining to international corruption/anti-money laundering investigations and foreign business investments/acquisitions.

Net Worth

Thomas Firestone is an attorney and partner at Stroock & Lavan in Washington, DC, with extensive experience in white collar criminal defense and investigation as well as FCPA/anti-corruption compliance work.

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