Thomas Fritzel

Thomas Fritzel, a Lawrence Developer, Has Been Indicted on Federal Charges

Thomas Fritzel is a Lawrence developer who was charged with violating the Clean Air Act during demolition and renovation work at his country club by disposing of asbestos waste during its removal and disposal.

Roof materials at Alvamar Country Club were composed of 75% chrysotile asbestos. Fritzel attempted to bypass costly regulatory requirements by sending KDHE samples of demolition material and an asbestos report.

Early Life and Education

Fritzl made his mark in the building industry shortly after graduating from HTL Technical College. First as a construction-material firm employee in Amstetten and later selling technical equipment.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s original defense for her kidnap ordeal was that her dad Josef was simply trying to protect her from drug, drink and bad company. Today she lives with her “upstairs” children in an unnamed village known as Village X.

Lawrence City Hall seems to be embroiled in controversy almost on an ongoing basis with developer Thomas Fritzel being at the heart of it all. Most recently it involves Rock Chalk Park where Fritzel and co-defendant Lam have been charged with violating federal asbestos handling laws; if found guilty they face up to five years imprisonment.

Professional Career

Thomas Fritzel was facing an imminent multi-year prison term and substantial fines when he made an effort to seek a new trial last September – an appeal which was denied.

In 2008, Fritzel signed an agreement with the city to develop a seven-story hotel near the University of Kansas campus. To facilitate the project, the city established tax increment financing districts and transportation development zones around it; Fritzel agreed to reimburse them for development costs from property taxes collected within each development district and sales taxes paid within these development zones.

Ben was passionate about guitar and live music, cooking, baking and canning; gardening; brewing and roasting coffee; as well as martial arts and an avid reader and student of the Bible.

Achievement and Honors

Renowned jazz pianist, he served on the board of directors of the New Orleans Jazz Foundation. Additionally, he was an enthusiastic supporter of University of Kansas where he belonged to Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Additionally he participated in fundraising initiatives related to fundraising efforts by raising over $20,000.

Dru S. Fritzel was his wife for 56 years, during which time they produced four children: Anna Fritzel Shows of Lawrence, Tammy Towns of Dallas and Kimberly Williams of Lawrence. Furthermore, they share eleven grandchildren: Devon Joel, Tyler Miro Courtney Cameron Aaron Taylor Audrey Abigale Huxley

He created many stunning and historic structures during his lifetime that will stand the test of time. An artist and craftsman with an impeccable eye for detail.

Personal Life

Thomas Fritzl lived an abundant and fulfilling life. Married to Kelle Fritzel, and with three sons – Jacob, Joshua, and Curtis as well as Angel – as well as two daughters named Angel. Thomas enjoyed music and was an expert at Okinawan Kenpo Karate Kobudo; additionally he worked as both carpenter and builder.

Fritzel and his co-defendants stand accused of breaking federal environmental regulations governing asbestos disposal by violating Clean Air Act regulations during demolition and renovation work on Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence.

Austrian man who held his daughter captive for 24 years and fathered seven children has written a book from prison in which he hopes for reconciliation between himself and Elisabeth and their family in the future. After her escape from captivity, Elisabeth found love with 23 year-old Thomas Wagner who served as her bodyguard after she made it out.

Net Worth

Fritzel has made significant contributions to Lawrence. His group played a crucial role in securing Berry Plastics distribution center as well as leading projects like Eldridge Hotel renovation and Rock Chalk Park regeneration.

After a short trial, the jury convicted him of three Clean Air Act violations and one conspiracy charge related to asbestos removal without following proper safety protocols. Asbestos exposure can lead to serious health complications including mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Fritzel is an influential figure in the cannabis industry, holding stake in four Denver businesses with 32 licenses between them. He owns sole ownership of Lightshade Labs while partnering with Van Alsburg and Brooks on Buddy Boy, PotCo and MJardin – as well as being part of a construction management firm.

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