Thomas Glassware

Thomas Glassware by Celine Bossart

The MARKTHOMAS Allround glass, light yet sturdy, features a special shape designed to maximize wine aeration. The gently beveled curves mark two pours – an “tasting pour” at the bottom and full pour at the top – making this glass an essential tool in wine enjoyment.

Isotopic analyses indicate that Thomas Panel glasses – other than red opaques – were likely produced at Kenchreai.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Glassware was raised in a family that valued education and uplift. Her father was an entrepreneur while her mother was an artist; this allowed her to learn the value of artistic expression from both parents.

Prior to the late 1870s, engraving on glass generally featured unpolished engraving, creating an eye-catching contrast against its surrounding polished surface. Kny and Fritsche pioneered rock crystal engraving whereby all areas containing engravings (even those not yet complete) were polished in order to create a seamless appearance.

Wine glasses from this company are specially crafted to stimulate all the senses – visually, texturally and with each sip. Their distinctive double bend design allows for optimal aeration of wine while their elegant, confident silhouette is both timeless and modern.

Professional Career

Thomas Glass has had an impressively prolific opera career. His house and role debuts include Houston Grand Opera (Papageno in Die Zauberflote and Ford in Falstaff), Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions as well as Santa Fe Opera Resident Artist Program and Houston Metropolitan Opera Studio – plus his celebrated turn as Marcello in La Boheme with Opera Theater of Saint Louis under Yannick Nezet-Seguin.

Thomas Webb & Sons began experimenting with this unique aesthetic of Art Nouveau when they created products with its features – natural patterns and slim lines were valued – to give their products their distinctive beauty as well as functionality; for example, their Double Bend wine glass delivered its contents through transparent yet expressive design.

Achievement and Honors

MARKTHOMAS glassware is made by hand from lead-free crystal and manufactured at traditional European glass manufacturing facilities with centuries of craftsmanship being passed from one generation to the next. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to offer an elevated tasting experience for all five senses.

The Puck collection draws its name and design inspiration from game pucks, creating light yet durable glasses to meet cocktail creation’s form-follow-function requirements. This results in an incredibly lightweight glass which stands up well against professional bar environments.

Custom Components Company was honored with the Glass Magazine Crystal Achievement Award for their work on the Thomas Jefferson School of Law helix arch building. This honor recognizes industry excellence in structural glass and hardware products.

Personal Life

Thomas is an artist who values both her professional and creative development. Her artwork often conveys dark but entertaining narratives that encourage people to discover who they truly are.

Art Nouveau emerged in late 19th-century as a reaction against historic-based trends and celebrated natural patterns and slim lines. Thomas Webb Company quickly embraced this aesthetic trend, creating masterpieces which continue to impress admirers today.

Mark Thomas glassware features hand-blown, lead-free crystal created at traditional European glass factories, which is dishwasher safe to ensure it will not cloud or discolour over time. Mark Thomas glassware adds sophisticated style to any table setting.

Net Worth

Celine Bossart’s career is built around beverages, so her glassware collection reflects this. Every day she drinks from Riedel’s Ouverture collection; for special occasions she opts for Waterford vintage cut crystal or Josephinenhutte glassware from Waterford Vintage Cut Crystal Co Ltd and Josephinenhutte by Waterford Crystal Ltd.

She’s also an ardent wine enthusiast and finds Mark Thomas’s exceptional glassware to delight all her senses. These stunning glasses are handcrafted in Europe from lead-free crystal and feature century-old craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

Fuyao Glass America reported an impressive net profit of $9.7 million for 2019, despite COVID-19 ravaging auto production and heightening geopolitical tensions worldwide. Fuyao’s earnings come as a result of increased sales and production volume growth.

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