Thomas Gramc

Thomas Gramc Passes Away at 66 Years Old

Thomas Gramc is an American Catholic priest serving in Pittsburgh as parochial vicar for Dormont, Hazelwood, Oakland groupings as well as Chaplain at Seton La Salle High School – who recently tested positive for coronavirus infection.

Gibson assembled the pre-barcoded SCP-GRAMc vector with pEGFP-C1 and an internal GFP control, then measured EGFP reporter expression of individual clones by quantitative PCR (QPCR).

Early Life and Education

Father Tom Gramc used to spend his days immersed in parishioners. Now, with covid-19 limiting public activities in his area, he often spends time alone while fielding calls and emails from churchgoers seeking information or praying for those affected by covid-19. Though trying to remain positive is challenging for Father Gramc he remains positive:

The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh confirmed on Sunday that one priest under its care has tested negative for coronavirus after being exposed to someone carrying it, but has decided to self-quarantine until further notice. Rev. Thomas Gramc is parochial vicar at Dormont Mount Lebanon Scott Township grouping as well as Seton La Salle High School Chaplain located in South Hills; out of an abundance of caution he is continuing working remotely and experiencing minor symptoms despite not coming in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19 virus.

Personal Life

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 66 years, Phyllis J. Gramc; sons David (fiance Amy Capretto) and Terry (Curtis) Gramc; daughters Carol Burnham and Joan Gramc with Mike Burnham as husband and husband respectively; grandchildren Katie Trimble, Nichole Betts Michael Burnham Garrett Burnham Samantha Gramc Alexandra Gramc; great-grandchildren Caleb Rios Aria Betts Jackson Trimble as well as numerous nieces and nephews to mourn his loss.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announced on Monday that Rev. Thomas Gramc, parochial vicar for Dormont Mount Lebanon Scott Township grouping in South Hills as well as chaplain for Seton La Salle High School was placed under isolation after showing mild symptoms last week of coronavirus infection and has not had contact with students or staff since being quarantined.

Net Worth

Thomas Gramc was not gifted academically; yet still used his natural charm, sales talent, well-defined daily routine and determination to work hard and generate online and offline income streams that he controlled – creating multiple income streams he could control to generate wealth online and offline. This proved that book smarts don’t always matter in business and that hard work and persistence can achieve goals; currently his net worth is estimated to be $7 Million.

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