Thomas Hairston

Thomas Hairston – A Hip-Hop Legend

Thomas Hairston earned both a B.S. in Business Administration and LLB degree from Central State University. Additionally, he held memberships with Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity, his school’s Reading Committee, and Student Council.

At the penalty phase, Hairston’s stepdaughter testified about prior instances of sexual abuse by her stepfather and this evidence was considered as non-statutory aggravating circumstances.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hairston was born in Virginia but relocated with his family to Texas when he was five. Although raised in a small town near Mexico’s border, he developed an adventurous spirit and an affinity for outdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing – also enjoying travel adventures to Colorado’s mountains and rivers.

After retiring from the military, he and Lucy traveled around the globe together. Sailing along France’s canals, going on safari in Africa and travelling through China and Soviet Russia were just some of their stops.

Tom Hairston died suddenly of a heart attack at home in Mansfield, Missouri on December 23rd 1999 while serving as the Managing Director of Network for Educator Effectiveness.

Professional Career

Hairston has enjoyed an accomplished professional career that spans executive producer, talent management, music direction and the Hip-Hop industry in general. Through his involvement with popular artists he has helped guide their careers.

He has also appeared in numerous films, such as John Wayne’s The Alamo and 1962’s To Kill a Mockingbird, both directed by Harper Lee. Additionally, in 1967’s ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ he played a white Southern butler being investigated for murder.

Thomas was charged with speeding in May while driving a Camaro SS rented under Catinia Farrington’s name at his shared home address, according to USA TODAY Sports’ first report of such violations. Although Thomas denied allegations made against him by Farrington, he and Farrington remain close and were close friends prior to their encounter in May.

Achievement and Honors

Thom was an esteemed scholar in his field. He published several books and essays, most recently exploring classical influences in African American writings. Additionally, he received the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Residential Fellowship Award 2015.

As well as his academic accomplishments, Dr. Smith is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has performed his original material at concert halls around the globe. Additionally, his book entitled The Ebony Column: Classics, Civilization and African American Reclamation of the West was released for public consumption in 2012.

Thomas Hairston lives with his wife Marie Simmons Hairston in Savannah, Georgia. He has six siblings and two stepchildren. Thomas belongs to Mountain Home A.F.& A.M Lodge, Army Navy Country Club and The Landings on Skidaway Island clubs for membership.

Personal Life

Thomas Hairston was an enthusiastic supporter of UNC football and enjoyed attending games with his wife and daughters.

Travel was also something he took great delight in, making countless family trips to the beach, Sight and Sounds plays, and other vacation spots. Additionally, he enjoyed joining nuns from St Francis Hospital for retreats.

At trial, his stepdaughter testified about being sexually abused as a child by him; this testimony was used by him as an aggravating circumstance and should have been taken into consideration by the jury. Furthermore, he challenged the constitutionality of capital punishment, alleging it violates constitutional rules against cruel and unusual punishment and does not conform to modern standards of decency.

Net Worth

After spending over a decade promoting music projects for major label giants like Warner Brothers, American Records, and Arista, Thomas “FAT Thomi” Hairston established X Records as his own creative outlet and distributor for his roster of artists. Through promoting such iconic figures such as Notorious B.I.G, TLC, Usher, Toni Braxton among many others, Thomas has amassed the experience necessary to successfully ascend the industry ladder.

Raysean Hairston, Muni Long’s husband, is an acclaimed American singer-songwriter best known for his solo debut studio album Jukebox released in 2009. It is estimated that Raysean has an estimated net worth of around one million dollars.

He played for Temple Owls football team during college. His statistics include one interception, five pass deflections and two quarterback sacks – which is quite an accomplishment!

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