Thomas Hannigan

Thomas Hannigan, 83, of Vallejo Passes Away

Hannigan served nine years as majority floor leader of the California Assembly and also on Fairfield City Council and Solano County Board of Supervisors.

The collection contains Assembly bill files from 1979 to 1996. These files contain information regarding various issues; notable among them being legislation proposing state-sponsored health care for retired state employees as well as local redevelopment projects.

Early Life and Education

Hannigan was known to all as an individual who displayed strong faith, humor and perseverance throughout his life – making a positive contribution in many arenas while being an outstanding friend to many people.

While he served in the Assembly, Hannigan authored various bills to improve rail transportation between Sacramento and the Bay Area; create an agricultural cooperative at University of California Davis; land conservation measures; nonresident fees for community college attendance and the state budget.

Hannigan leaves behind his wife Del Rita; two sons and daughters in Geoffrey and Sheila; four grandchildren – Kaitlin, Edward, Marilyn and Mark; as well as numerous extended family and friends who will miss him dearly during this difficult time. Our thoughts go out to all his family and friends during this sad time – his memory will live on in all our hearts forever!

Professional Career

Hannigan took an avid interest in advanced technologies and advocated that his brotherhood adopt practices used by private businesses. Additionally, he actively promoted land conservation and public safety issues.

Hannigan left the Assembly and soon thereafter was appointed by former governor Gray Davis to head the California Department of Water Resources – an acclaimed agency responsible for operating statewide water systems. He served in this position until 1996.

One of his colleagues, Mike Roos, recalls how Hannigan always sought consensus with all those with whom he disagreed on policy – even those he considered enemies – even those he disagreed with on partisan issues. According to Mike Roos Hannigan was never caught up in partisan bickering; rather he reached across the aisle in search of common ground with all parties involved. Additionally he provided invaluable assistance and guidance for new legislators trying to navigate state bureaucracies and staffs.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Hannigan has earned multiple accolades and awards, such as the 2014 Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporation Rising Star award and 2015 Philadelphia University Young Alumni Achievement Award. His work in architecture, construction and real estate development focuses on community-informed design. Thomas has overseen single-family developments as well as complex multi-family housing complexes and civic assets from concept through occupancy successfully.

Hannigan served on the Fairfield City Council from 1970-1974, serving as mayor during his final two years of office. From 1978-1996 he was also a California State Assemblymember before going on to direct the California Department of Water Resources from 1999-2003.

His devotion and public service provided the impetus for naming a Capitol Corridor station after him, with local dignitaries attending such as Fairfield and Vacaville mayors as well as former Assembly Members Mike Roos and John Burton attending his dedication ceremony.

Personal Life

Thomas Hannigan leaves behind his wife Ann of Vallejo; sons Geoffrey and Sheila Hannigan as well as daughters Bridget Hannigan, Caitlin Parker and Paige Eastland as well as Richard and Michael Hannigan for companionship; sister-in-laws Helen Luster of Denton Texas, Mary Jo York from Shawneetown Pennsylvania and Ruth Mitchell of Dahlgren Pennsylvania as well as numerous nieces and nephews who remain.

Tom Hannigan was known for his generous giving, particularly towards educational institutions such as community colleges. Additionally, he provided funding for college degrees for both his children and grandchildren. Hannigan served on Solano County Board of Supervisors where he served as Chair from 1974-1978 as well as being Director for California Department of Water Resources. His papers contain 22.5 cubic feet of textual records organized into three series – Bill Files, Chronological Files and Legislative Counsel Opinions.

Net Worth

Hannigan was known to devote himself to family and was said to finance their college educations.

Hennigan currently serves as head of underwriting and portfolio management at Carlyle BDC II since its launch in March 2018. Previously he spent four years at GE Corporate Financial Services as senior vice president for middle market investment banking and loan syndications.

Hennigan lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with his wife and three children. Hennigan is the brother of former California state Assemblymember Tom Hannigan who held office from 1978-1996 and was widely respected as an expert on legislative processes during this time.

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