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His loved ones include Kathy Himes; daughter Jaime Himes of Marion Center and Indiana; as well as two precious grandsons Matthew and Maxwell. Funeral arrangements were handled by John A. Lefdahl Funeral Home.

Early Life and Education

Himes was not following a typical path from crime or prison to writer when he started writing in prison, unlike his middle-class parents and extended family who were all comfortable with black culture’s respectability politics.

He made ends meet by mopping cafeteria floors and operating switchboards, but also wrote short stories that appeared in black publications as well as mainstream ones.

His first novel, If He Hollers Let Him Go (1945), detailed the fear and anger felt by black workers working in a racist defense plant. Subsequent novels included Lonely Crusade (1947) which explored racism in labor movement politics while Cast the First Stone (1952) served as an introspective meditation on prison life; all were critically acclaimed works and established him as the pioneer black crime novelist of his era.

Professional Career

As part of Expedition 67 and 68, he spent over 170 days in space as part of the crew, responsible for cargo delivery, station maintenance and conducting various science experiments from different disciplines.

He holds high level corporate responsibilities at Mark Thomas but makes time to mentor young staff members. He often sits beside entry level design engineers discussing roadway geometric design, project management and other topics relevant to their professional growth.

He brings with him vast experience from working on a cattle and wheat farm, having spoken on this subject at ASCE-OC YMF meetings and other professional organizations throughout Oklahoma. Based in Kingfisher, Oklahoma with his wife and two children, they enjoy spending time outdoors elk hunting or camping together.

Achievement and Honors

Himes’s academic and literary works have appeared in various journals, such as Chicago Review, Ploughshares, New York Times Book Review, Missouri Review and American Literary History. Additionally he has served on various boards, panels and advisory councils of arts organizations like St Louis Black Repertory Company.

Himes was honored for his artistic achievements with both the St. Louis 2004 Heroes Pierre Laclede Award and Arts and Education Council’s Woodie Award in 1997, respectively. Additionally, Washington University in St. Louis awarded Himes with an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts degree.

He is the author of four books, including: The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindustrial Crime Novel; Moth (a lyrical novel); Urban Underworlds: A Geography of Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture; and Horror Vacui: Poems.

Personal Life

Thomas Himes was an admired family man and loved spending time with his wife and their three children. In addition, he enjoyed camping trips and photographing wild elk. Thomas will be deeply missed by all his loved ones.

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Thomas Himes passed away peacefully at home in Brookville, PA. He leaves behind his beloved wife of 48 years Kathy Himes; daughters Jaime and Rita; son Adam; grandsons Matthew and Maxwell as well as other special family members and close friends.

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