Thomas Hydraulic

Thomas Hydraulic

Thomas hydraulic is known for manufacturing high quality final drive motors to keep your tractor, loader or excavator running smoothly even on challenging job sites. Our range of powerful yet long-lasting hydraulic motors ensure smooth machine performance for ultimate user convenience.

Investigating the effect of natural fracture(s) on hydraulic fracture propagation has been done using a LEFM model that incorporates fluid flow and rock deformation effects.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hydraulic was established in Chico California in 1974 by Tom Dauterman and his family, and remains privately-held today. They offer products to various industries including agriculture, construction and material handling utilizing automotive quality standards for product production. All their products aim to help customers get maximum return from their equipment.

Manifold blocks from Hydraulic Technology Group provide optimal control of hydraulic functions. If additional safety measures are required, pilot shut-off functions can also be installed.

No matter the scale or scope of your project, reliable drive motors will keep things running smoothly. Choose from Thomas drives and track motors designed specifically to power your machine.

Professional Career

Thomas hydraulic has extensive experience in the industry and specializes in designing, testing and repairing hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders. With a high school diploma and strong mechanical aptitude he excels at meeting customer service requirements in fast-paced work environments.

He has extensive experience in controls engineering and PLC programming projects, working on automation and process improvement for product packaging to reduce overhead cost and increase productivity while decreasing overhead expenses and productivity levels. Furthermore, his forte lies in product development, project management, team leadership and team work.

Michael also took advantage of Purdue University’s co-op program to gain practical work experience while earning his degree. During his senior year, he completed two semesters with the Senior Design Clinic where student teams took on real world design challenges from industry partners.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas hydraulic was honored by the Hydraulic Institute with “Member of the Year” honor in 2009 for leading various projects that furthered its work, such as designing/inspecting/inventory expertise for USACE steel structures, providing bridge design advice to St Lucia, and implementing seismic provisions on USAID projects in West Bank.

At IAHR’s biennial World Congress, he received the Arthur Thomas Ippen Award, presented to individuals who have shown outstanding originality and achievement in either basic or applied research, or the conceptualization and design of significant engineering hydraulic works projects – showing promise for continued high productivity within their profession.

Personal Life

Thomas Hydraulic is a family owned business dedicated to the Chico community for more than 45 years. Owned and run by Tom and Sue Thomas, they strive to offer friendly and exceptional service for each of their customers.

Thomas hydraulic is a leading provider of hydraulic blocks for excavators and wheel loaders. Their manifolds allow precise control of hydraulic functions and can be tailored specifically to meet customer specifications; for instance, safety-minded customers can include pilot shut off functionality as an added safeguard. Thomas’ products can be found through Freightliner dealers.

Net Worth

Thomas manifolds offer optimal control of hydraulic functions in construction machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders and other machinery – from excavators and wheel loaders to wheel loaders and wheel loaders – depending on requirements these can either be assembled from standard components or individually configured as per customer needs. Furthermore, for added safety a pilot shut-off function may also be integrated.

Providence Minerals controls millions of oil-and-gas acres in the Marcellus and other new shale fields, while also being an avid donor to Boy Scouts and supporting Karl Rove’s American Crossroads super PAC.

Your resonator fan motor could come from Danfoss, Webster or Haldex; however, the best chance of finding it in Anchorage area dealers of Thomas products. Freightliner dealers usually don’t stock Thomas parts; therefore if you require one it would be wiser to find an Anchorage-area Thomas dealer instead.

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