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Thomas Hydraulics – A Brief History of Hydraulics

Hydraulic valves are mechanical devices used to redirect the flow of pressurized hydraulic fluid. There are various styles and they can be activated via physical, mechanical, pneumatic or electrical means.

This study investigated the viability of using off-the-shelf hydraulic components to provide on-demand assistive power for hybrid neuroprosthetic exoskeletal hip flexors. A hydraulic accumulator was utilized to generate 38 Nm of torque extrapolated from measured pressure drop with hip flexion.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hydraulics of Chico California is a family owned and operated business offering friendly and outstanding service to their local community. Specializing in hydraulic equipment, parts and services with an expansive inventory including DI NATALE Telescoop Cylinders (telescopic), NOYFAR Hydraulische High Performance Cylinders (high performance hydraulic), Walvoil Valves, GHIM Handpump Pumps (hand-pumps), FBN Industrial Filters as well as MAXMA Hydraulic Solutions solutions; their highly trained staff are all here to assist!

Professional Career

Merit has spent his entire career at Kraft Fluid Systems working closely with customers to help with product selection and provide general customer service requests. In addition, he has completed various technical courses such as International Fluid Power Society’s Certified Hydraulic Specialist class as well as all Danfoss online hydraulic product training. Merit finds great satisfaction in solving difficult technical problems while working directly with end customers to resolve them.

Buck finds great satisfaction assisting OEM customers with hydraulic system design and troubleshooting. In his over 30 years in the industry, he has earned both a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University as well as many manufacturer training classes – becoming a Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Specialist along the way. Buck possesses expert knowledge regarding load sense systems as well as closed circuit and hydrostatic hydrostatic systems.

Achievement and Honors

Ben Franklin made great efforts to advance American hydraulics, yet most of the early advances were made by Europeans.56 America slowly adopted European discoveries by repeating and expanding small-scale model experiments; it took until late nineteenth century for American engineers to start making substantial contributions of their own in hydraulics research.

The Arthur Thomas Ippen Award is given out biennially to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievements and holds great promise of continuing high levels of productivity in basic hydraulic research and/or applied hydraulic engineering. This honor is in memory of IAHR President and Honorary Member Arthur Thomas Ippen; an influential leader who greatly promoted fluid mechanics, hydraulics, international cooperation and understanding.

Net Worth

Hydraulics has proven itself an incredibly useful invention throughout human history. Remains of ancient irrigation canals still can be seen today; deep wells offer access to unexpectedly deep levels; underground aqueducts transport water long distances even over bedrock terrain.

Thoma Hydraulics has an expansive and vast inventory to meet virtually all segments of industry. Their offerings include DI NATALE telescoopcilinders, NOYFAR hydraulic high-performance cilinders, GHIM handpompens, FBN industrial filters MAXMA hydraulic fittings and Walvoil ventielen-hydraulical solutions.

In 2015, the company strengthened their Asian presence through acquisitions such as J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S in Denmark, which manufactures truck-mounted sewer-cleaning systems, as well as PakMor Waste Equipment Australia Pty Ltd in Sydney Australia – both which expanded upon and enhanced their presence.

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