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Tom Jenkins

Jenkins has provided education mentoring services as an instructor at Wittenberg University, Manager of Special Projects at Dayton Regional STEM Center and Boeing Science Laureate on Teaching Channel. In addition, he holds National Board Certified status.

Judge Mindy Glazer determined that Jenkins’ circumstances do not present exceptional and compelling circumstances that merit his release from his ten-year prison sentence.

Early Life and Education

Tom Jenkins began writing for his local newspaper, Pantherette. Blackie Sherrod of Fort Worth Press took notice of his humorous parody pieces and offered Tom an internship position there.

Education began at his local schools and culminated with attendance of Earlham College. There, he is thought to have become the first black schoolteacher in Britain – teaching children in a Scottish village between 1814-1818.

The Heritors proposed Tom as schoolmaster of Teviothead Village; however, the Presbytery declined – not yet ready to allow someone of “pagan birth” to teach young children in Teviothead. Later however, Duke of Buccleuch opened a school within one of Teviothead’s blacksmith buildings, where Tom quickly joined and quickly became one of its main advocates.

Professional Career

Tom Jenkins began his career in the United States Airforce, serving in both Ohio and Vietnam. Later he worked for healthcare systems in Connecticut and Colorado before transitioning into teaching/mentoring students as part of a career transition plan.

He currently works as a Senior Engineer at Highground Services and has held this role for 9 months. Prior to that he held several roles at various companies including serving as Director of Engineering.

He has served as coach and advisor to many young players, sharing his love for sports with them on the sidelines, often leading them in competition and helping create Thanksgiving Family Football game traditions that still continue today. Together with his wife he loves traveling both domestically and internationally – most recently ticking one item off their bucket list by traveling across America by train.

Achievement and Honors

Jenkins has received multiple accolades, such as Ohio State Teacher of the Year and Lemelson-MIT Excite Award. Furthermore, he serves as an adviser for various schools. His teaching specialty specializes in Theoretical Mechanics with particular attention paid to discrete media aggregates interacting with gases and liquids.

Clarkson University’s Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering. Additionally, he served on numerous scientific committees for international workshops and meetings as well as editing boards of international journals. Furthermore, he serves as Chair of the World Wide Web Foundation as well as being Commissioner on Tri-Lateral Commission; additionally serving on boards including Manulife Financial Corporation, Thomson Reuters Inc and TransAlta Corporation.

Personal Life

Jenkins currently sits on the Board of OpenText and previously served as its president and chief executive officer from 1994 to 2005, then as chairman and chief strategy officer from 2005 to 2013. In addition, he holds director positions with Manulife Financial Corporation, Thomson Reuters Inc. and TransAlta Corporation.

Tom Jenkins is a dedicated husband to his wife JoAnn and an attentive father to their three children – Thomas, Dawn-Marie, and Peter as well as their spouses Amy, Jim, and Ah Young. Additionally he takes great pleasure in being grandfather to Sean, Chris, Nicole, Katie Eddie as well as Toby the family dog.

Jenkins first became known for his sharp humor and in-depth knowledge of college football and golf while writing for Sports Illustrated during the late 70s and early 80s. Later he would go on to pen several sports-related books such as Semi-Tough.

Net Worth

Tom has long been active as a philanthropist, giving to numerous organizations such as universities, hospitals, military trusts and historical and cultural associations. Additionally, he sponsors pet adoption initiatives and founded the Kitt Crusaders cat rescue group.

Jenkins has also appeared on television programs like STREET SURVIVORS and as pilot Walter McCreary in the documentary feature film THE TRUE STORY OF THE LYNYRD SKYNYRD PLANE CRASH. More recently he appeared in Wes Bentley and Kevin Costner’s 2020 season three opener of YELLOWSTONE as an extra.

Tom has amassed an impressive net worth from his golfing career. Top players on the PGA tour can reportedly make anywhere between $5 to $10 million annually from their prize earnings.thomas jenkins

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