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Orthopedist and Trauma Surgeon – Thom Kokenge

Thom Kokenge is an esteemed Orthopedist and Trauma Surgeon based out of Hamburg, Germany. He currently heads up Helios Endo Klinik’s Department of Joint Surgery while possessing vast knowledge in various orthopedic conditions. Additionally, he works closely with Medizinicum Stephansplatz Hospital.

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Early Life and Education

Kokenge was accepted to Ohio University to study graduate school and met Joy there; during this time they lived together in old military barracks on campus near Athens, Ohio, giving him invaluable work ethic experience to take with them into his future career.

He penned a key opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, joining Justices Kennedy and Scalia to uphold the right to own guns. Additionally, he provided key dissents such as Good News Club v. Milford Central School and Gonzales v. Raich where his willingness to overturn decades-long precedent was on full display.

At the sixth and seventh series, Brenner took on similar responsibilities to those of a script editor for other children’s shows like Angelina Ballerina, Tractor Tom and Fireman Sam.

Achievement and Honors

Kokenge has made his mark in space with his accomplishments, literally sending his signature onto scientific instruments aboard Galileo when it flew past Jupiter’s atmosphere in 2003. Over his career, he also contributed to the development of RTG batteries and refined plutonium-238 fuel formulations. Robert Kline, former Ohio University Emeritus of Chemistry Professor Emeritus, encouraged Kokenge to pursue graduate studies and helped him secure his first job with Monsanto Research Corp’s Mound Laboratory, then affiliated with the Atomic Energy Commission. Since then, both Kokenge and his wife Joy have remained close with OHIO community as well as Dr. Tong; recently they visited Athens Campus’s new Chemistry Building together.

Personal Life

Thom Kokenge couldn’t help but reflect back to his days in Athens when they toured the new Chemistry Building this summer with Joy. They remembered when comedian Bob Hope made an appearance at an old military barracks apartment off East State Street; floodwaters turned Peden Stadium into an ocean; Grover Center floors buckled under them all; and how some professor offered wise counsel that ultimately changed their careers forever – advice which took their names all the way into space and beyond!

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Net Worth

As an anchor surgeon, he ensures his patients receive exceptional treatment. His advanced techniques enable him to address various orthopedic ailments using ultrasound-guided injections as well as performing ultrasound-guided injections on muscles, ligaments and tendons for analysis. On 4 January 2012 alone he made over $90,000. Currently working at Medizinicum Stephansplatz Hospital Hamburg Germany

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