Thomas LaFramboise

Thomas Laframboise is an esteemed geneticist conducting groundbreaking work in cancer genomics research at Case Western Reserve University. His contributions have provided important insight into how genetic mutations influence susceptibility to diseases like cancer.

Lifelong resident of metro Detroit and still in touch with classmates from school. Enjoys working out and mall-walking as hobbies in his free time.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Laframboise was born in 1944 in the United States. He attended TF Riggs High School in Pierre, South Dakota before earning a Bachelor of Arts from University of Utah Logan. While attending school he participated on both baseball and golf teams and lettered both junior and sophomore years on their teams respectively.

At home he has two children: Susan Laframboise and Mark Laframboise; also 11 grandchildren of varying ages: Melissa Juttelstad (with Aaron as husband), Michelle Laframboise and her partner Matilde, Lindsey Serrati, Stephanie Rodriguez Danielle Rodriguez Nicolle Rodriguez Cassie Musel Jacob Shuler Gonzalez

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Professional Career

Thomas Laframboise was an esteemed high school football coach. Additionally, he held several key roles at Ford Motor Company’s Detroit Glass Division before serving his home state of Michigan from 1997 to 2004 as State Senator from 22nd District.

He amassed an outstanding coaching record of 212 wins and 69 losses during his coaching career at University of Louisville Football and holds one Cardinal record.

He was an avid sports fan and lifelong resident of metro Detroit. From childhood through high school and college years, he kept in contact with an extensive group of friends from across all age ranges. Additionally, he was dedicated and active member of his family; he leaves behind his wife Sheryl Lee as well as four children, plus several grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

LaFramboise joined the Eagle County School District in 2012 as an assistant principal and special education instructional coach, before transitioning into one of the principals at Eagle Valley High School. He currently holds this role.

He specializes in cancer genomics, the study of genetic mutations associated with cancer and other diseases. His work utilizes computational tools to detect molecular variants inherited or acquired that contribute to these conditions.

He has received numerous honors and awards for his efforts, such as a Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Fellowship and IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Technical Achievement Award; additionally, he currently holds an Ottilie Schilig Professorship at the University of Mississippi.

Personal Life

Thomas Laframboise was an esteemed and successful businessman who treasured hard work, strong family values, and avid travel. An enthusiastic traveler himself, Thomas also took great pleasure in exploring all corners of the globe; additionally he was active with his local Lions Club – for which he received Lifetime Membership status.

After serving as assistant principal and athletic director for six years, he was chosen as Eagle Valley High School’s principal for 2023-2024 after an exhaustive interview process which involved students, parents, teachers and district administrators.

He was an esteemed husband, father, brother, grandfather, and uncle whose memory will long live on in family and friends alike. His legacy of love, success, and accomplishment will live on through generations to come.

Net Worth

There are currently three people named Thomas Laframboise living in two states. The oldest one is aged 71 while the youngest one is 38 and they all remain married. Thomas Laframboise is an estimated net worth of $500 Million with two children from his marriage with Isabel. In his free time he enjoys reading political debates, traveling the world and social debates – activities which his wife has joined him in doing!

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