Thomas Loomis

Thomas Loomis

Tom celebrated life and took pleasure from every experience, be it business related or simply visiting family and friends. His journeys took him all over the globe pursuing new ventures while being thankful for each one he encountered.

His legacy includes his wife Ellen, three children, grandchildren; sister Jocelyn of Salt Lake City; nieces and nephews as well as many life long friends.

Early Life and Education

The Loomis family boasts an extraordinary heritage. Many of its descendants still reside in southwestern Missouri today. Furthermore, this clan has strong ties to other family groups who arrived early and late.

Tom Loomis loved flying, fishing and spending time with his friends. He belonged to numerous clubs such as Quiet Birdmen Lansing Hanger and Experimental Aviation Association Houghton Lake; additionally he was a big Michigan State Spartans fan.

Tom earned a Bachelor’s of Music Education at Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam and has sixteen years of piano and thirteen of vocal experience, in addition to creating connections between different disciplines for deepening student learning. His surname can be pronounced loom-iss; its spelling has changed throughout time.

Professional Career

Thomas has far surpassed every expectation since being selected in the second-round draft in 2016. Since 2016, he has established himself among the elite receivers of the NFL with two consecutive 90-catch, 1,100-yard seasons as well as earning first team All Pro honors both years.

Thomas sustained a dislocated toe during the fourth quarter of a 2022 game and, following medical advice from general manager Mickey Loomis and the coaching staff, did not rush his return into play immediately. It will take time before Thomas is back to playing his best football again.

Head of School Sheila Culbert hails from England and did not grow up playing American football, yet has an immense passion for it. She holds strong interests in athletics and prioritizes providing students with a balanced academic/athletic experience.

Achievement and Honors

Few Wall Street titans of his time could rival Loomis for his wide-ranging interests and accomplishments. He amassed an enormous fortune through business ventures while garnering worldwide renown through scientific endeavors and winning praise for his military service during World War II – yet all while remaining silently, quietly, and anonymously.

Loomis made a name for himself by designing precision mechanical devices to aid scientific research. He was particularly proud of his work on the Sonic Interferometer – an instrument used for measuring supersonic vibrations.

Loomis maintained close ties to many of the physicists he met at Aberdeen and monitored their work closely. In 1933 he served on a committee responsible for selecting science exhibits at Chicago World’s Fair; sponsored dozens of scientific conferences, lectures and meetings while building rapport with cash-strapped universities and research agencies.

Personal Life

Thomas Loomis served with the United States Army during the Korean War before being captured and imprisoned as a prisoner of war. Unfortunately, since its end he has gone unaccounted for and it is presumed he died while imprisoned.

He was the proud father of four children and married Mary Jane (Moore). He belonged to several clubs and organizations such as Quiet Birdmen Lansing Hanger, Experimental Aviation Association Houghton Lake, Timbers Flying Club, American Legion as well as being an avid Michigan State Spartans fan and flying both fixed-wing aircraft and rotor-wing aircrafts.

Thomas Loomis passed away due to pneumonia on July 13th 1941 in Bay City Michigan. He was born to Herald and Viola (Corey) Loomis on that same date.

Net Worth

Tom took great pleasure in life and packed every moment with happiness and appreciation – like squeezing out every last drop from a freshly-squeezed ruby red grapefruit – as much as possible. He enjoyed tinkering, inventing, teaching and creating art; had an infectious sense of humor and was always making people laugh.

James Loomis is estimated to be worth approximately $9 Million as of 7 March 2016. He has made 14 trades of Bottomline Technologies (Delaware) Inc stock over the last 20 years according to SEC Form 4 filings, selling over 10,000 units of EPAY stock as well as Phillips 66 (PSX) shares and Pacific Commerce Bancorp (PCBC) stocks.

To gain more information about Thomas, try searching public records in New York. This may reveal their address, social network profiles and any other pertinent details.

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