Thomas Mackey

Thomas Mackey

Thomas Mackey is an American actor best known for his roles as Marshall from About Him 2: The Revolution and Rish Utley from Last Night in ATL.

He teaches digital media arts courses at SUNY Empire State College and has received many honors, such as the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Susan H. Turben Chair in Mentoring.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mackey is an associate professor in Arts and Media in the School of Arts and Humanities at SUNY Empire State College. He has published extensively on metaliteracy in the digital era as well as being one of the pioneers of learning as production.

He has also served as a guest judge for the McConnell Scholars Moot Court Team, where his understanding of law and case precedent, combined with his skill at breaking it down into digestible pieces for scholars is truly invaluable.

Fitness enthusiast and avid runner and swimmer in Sag Harbor, he saved at least two lives through diving into Noyac Bay to save one whose leap had fallen victim.

Professional Career

He was an admirable individual with strong personal integrity who believed strongly in fairness. He will be missed greatly by all who knew and knew of him.

He has held various leadership roles in education during his ten-year administrative stint at SUNY Empire State College, serving both as Associate Dean and Dean of its Center for Distance Learning.

He currently serves as Senior Director of Development and External Relations for the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, responsible for cultivating philanthropic support as well as helping researchers submit funding requests to international, federal, and local agencies. In addition, he acts as mentor to students within digital media arts department.

Achievement and Honors

Mackey has long provided UofL students with his expertise in US legal history and constitutional law, earning the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities, the Susan H. Turben Chair in Mentoring, as well as being appointed an Extraordinary Professor by North-West University of South Africa.

Since becoming famous as an actor, he has earned many notable roles such as Marshall in “About Him 2: The Revolution”, Rish Utley in “Last Night in the ATL”, Uncle Joey in ‘Triangle”, among many others. Additionally, he volunteers his time to help support military communities at Schofield Barracks.

He takes great pleasure in working with Soldiers, whom he considers warriors who uphold their Soldier’s Creed with heart and mind alike. In the future he plans on entering occupational medicine as his career of choice.

Personal Life

Thomas Mackey is an avid family man living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife and two children. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and watching soccer – two things which his children play competitively themselves! Thomas is also passionate about running, having completed several marathons himself as well as supporting UST’s track and field team.

Thomas also serves on the Board of Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in New York and held senior management roles at SUNY Empire State College as Dean of their Center for Distance Learning.

Dr. Wessely is a member of both the American Physical Therapy Association and National Athletic Trainers’ Association, having published numerous articles and book chapters related to exercise and sports medicine topics. Additionally, he regularly appears as a guest on television and radio programs discussing fitness- and health-related matters.

Net Worth

Thomas Mackey was born July 16, 1986 and is best known for his roles in About Him 2: The Revolution, Last Night in the ATL Triangle among other films. Additionally, Thomas is popular on TikTok and Instagram platforms as an actor.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of over $85 Million, and his primary sources of income include stock trading and investing. In particular, his main source of income has been stock trading – including high-profile trades like exercising 11,868 units of Parker Hannifin stock worth over $472,821.

Mackey has achieved great financial success while remaining a prominent member of both the Libertarian Party and Conscious Capitalism literature. When not writing books on Conscious Capitalism or traveling, playing guitar, or reading books.

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