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Thomas Marasciullo, Known As Tommy Or Tom, Dies at 65

Thomas Marasciullo was an esteemed member of Spring Hill who spent much of his time revitalizing Springstead High School theater. All who knew him will sadly miss him.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have found themselves embroiled in another legal dispute over the rappers’ unapproved use of an individual from Florida’s voice in “Respect” and “Loyalty” from their Like Father, Like Son album. This time around the suit involves using this individual without his knowledge and approval.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Marasciullo, also known by his nickname Tom, worked as a cheese grinder while owning and operating a doo-wop auto dealership in Spring Hill, Florida. Additionally, he sang with The Crests ensemble before passing away earlier this month at age 65. According to his family members, Tommy or Tom lived larger than life; art was his world.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have been sued in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday for copyright infringement, along with Cash Money Records label and various music distribution outlets. It’s claimed that Marasciullo recorded Italian-styled spoken word recordings for them in 2006 without seeking his consent or compensation on albums such as Like Father, Like Son and Birdman’s 5 Star Stunna.

Marasciullo’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. Unfortunately, neither his New York lawyer nor representatives for rappers and their label returned phone calls asking for comment immediately.

Professional Career

Thomas Marasciullo boasts an extensive musical resume, mixing on some of the industry’s biggest hits. While he may have worked as a house painter, truck driver, dinner theater owner or catering hall operator at different times throughout his life; music was his true calling.

He was an extraordinary singer whose distinctive voice set him apart. Part of a group known as The Crests, he traveled all around with their music before passing away earlier this month at 65.

Thomas Marasciullo of Florida is suing rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman, alleging their 2006 album Like Father, Like Son and 2007’s 5 (Star) Stunna made use of some “Italian-styled spoken word recordings” he produced which appeared in tracks such as Respect on these albums without his authorization or compensation from Cash Money Records label. Thomas seeks damages in an unspecified amount from both parties involved.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Marasciullo got an honorable mention on Lil Wayne and Birdman’s 2006 album Like Father, Like Son; however, the Florida resident wants more. Thomas Marasciullo has since filed suit against Lil Wayne, Birdman, Cash Money Records, music distribution outlets and several of these entities seeking unspecified damages from them all.

He asserts he created “Italian-styled spoken word recordings” for Birdman and Akon in 2006 and never received payment or notice of how they would be utilized. According to him, these tracks on their joint album or on Birdman’s 5 Star Stunna CD used his voice without his knowledge or permission.

He claims he only became aware that his voice was being used when his daughter purchased Aretha Franklin’s Respect as a cell phone ringtone and heard it instead of him singing the track himself. On Friday in Manhattan federal court a lawsuit was filed on his behalf alleging this violation of privacy.

Personal Life

Thomas Marasciullo is a loving father to two children and an experienced entrepreneur. Throughout his career he has held multiple jobs such as house painting, truck driving, restaurant ownership, dinner theater ownership and catering hall ownership. Thomas has always had a deep love of music which only brings him happiness when performing live for his fans onstage.

Thomas Marasciullo of Florida wants rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman to show him some respect, or at the very least pay him for his voice. He filed a copyright infringement suit against them as well as Cash Money Records and various music distribution outlets over their request to record some Italian-styled spoken word recordings in 2006 but did not compensate or inform him how his services would be utilized.

Net Worth

Thomas Marasciullo excels at many things – house painting, truck driving, restaurateuring, dinner theater ownership and catering hall operations are among his many roles – but what brings him the greatest satisfaction is singing in front of a crowd.

He is widely recognized for his charitable endeavors, owning three minor league baseball teams and serving on the Cleveland Clinic board, while also owning Jacksonville Jaguars whose value has doubled since he acquired them in 2012.

Birdman was arrested for possessing approximately one kilogram of marijuana in Tennessee in November 2007. Thomas Marasciullo then filed suit against Birdman and Lil Wayne alleging copyright infringement based on using his voice without his authorization – recordings which appeared on Like Dad, Like Son and 5 * Stunna tracks among others.

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