Thomas McDougall

Tom McDougall, an entrepreneur, author, and founder of 4P Foods is dedicated to creating a new food system that addresses climate change and systemic extraction through regeneration. Additionally, he supports true cost accounting as a concept that will revolutionize business metrics.

He was an exceptional husband, father, grandfather, mentor and friend to all those he came in contact with and will be deeply missed by everyone he knew.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McDougall was born in Massachusetts in 1918 and died at age 62, in 1981.

At age 15, he began reading scientific books, enrolling at Manchester University in England but quickly becoming dissatisfied with provincial training he earned himself a scholarship to St John’s College Cambridge where he studied science achieving double first in natural science Tripos exam.

World War I saw McDougall transition from moral philosophy to treating shell-shocked soldiers, while still writing about psychological topics. When Duke University’s president requested in 1926 that McDougall recommend someone interested in parapsychological research, McDougall suggested Rhine who quickly became one of its leading figures.

Professional Career

Thomas McDougall is an American businessman and the founder of High Point Networks. With more than 24 years of experience in consulting and marketing services, his areas of expertise include business development, sales management and strategic planning. Furthermore, Thomas is adept in low-volt to microvolt analog design as well as Microprocessor Interface design as well as communication protocol creation.

From 1970 to 1972, he served as an alderman of Ottawa from 1970-1972 and then from 1972-1974 he served on its Board of Control as well. In 1974, he ran against Lorry Greenberg on a platform emphasizing transit but lost by only about 5,000 votes in an election where transit played an important role. He leaves his wife Ann McDougall; son Thomas; daughter Karen; sister Norma Moores of Ohio and several nieces and nephews as survivors.

Achievement and Honors

McDougall founded High Point Networks in 2005 with the guiding principle “Leadership, Honest Service and Family.” These values form the backbone of their culture and support all their endeavors.

He served on the Ottawa Board of Control from 1970 to 1972 and ran for mayor against Lorry Greenberg in 1974; losing by less than 5,000 votes.

Anthony Thomas Naumoff received the Cubby Dorsey Award, honoring outstanding contributions by wage grade system employees such as laborers and mechanics, in 2014. It went to Anthony Thomas Naumoff who worked in the FBI Facilities and Logistics Services Division as Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor; responsible for around-the-clock facility operations that are mission critical, and promptly identified leaks that threatened communications systems as well as prevented FBI staff from carrying out their duties.

Personal Life

Tom McDougall was a lifelong drywaller living with Polly Becker in central Wisconsin. His hobbies included storytelling, gardening, hiking and canning as well as having long phone conversations to catch up with family across the United States.

He served two years on the City of Ottawa council before unsuccessfully running for mayor in 1974. Additionally, he was an active participant on environmental and urban planning matters during this time, serving on two Boards of Control before leaving public service altogether in 1996.

He describes himself as an environmental and social activist encased within an entrepreneurial body, passionate about finding alternative forms of business metrics that take into account both true cost accounting and the impact on people and the planet. As founder of 4P Foods he’s working to build an interconnected food web connecting thousands of regenerative farmers.

Net Worth

McDougall has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.99 Million dollars. As the Director of Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp and owner of approximately 1,874,464 shares of company stock, he made two trades of GBX stock over the past 20 years; most recently selling 10,116 units on 27 July 2020 for over $268,175. You can view his complete form 4 insider trading history here.

He boasts an extensive client roster including artists, composers and producers. These include Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez for Frozen and Coco; Grammy award-winning Thomas Newman (Toy Story 3), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Moana); as well as many popular musicians and actors such as James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman (Toy Story 3) as well as Shakira (Coco).

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