Thomas McGannon

Thomas McGannon serves as the Managing Director of Public Equities at Wildcat Capital Management. Prior to joining Wildcat in October 2018, Thomas was one of the founding investment partners at Indaba Capital Management.

He was one of the founding investors at a Forbes 400 single family office and is an expert in long/short equity hedge funds as well as both private and public market investments.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McGannon was born in Indiana in 1860. He passed away in Minnesota in 1968 after marrying Margaret McGannon; they shared 6 children together while living in Hopkins, Minnesota.

He had two children: daughter Veronica McGannon and son Edward Adrian McGannon. Edward Adrian McGannon worked in radio and television engineering as an engineer and inventor, pioneering early wireless communication and creating the first color television display system.

He was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Additionally, he founded DeForest Radio Company. Thomas Goldsmith interviewed Allen Du Mont about his early background and education and their collaboration at DuMont Laboratories together with Lee De Forest.

Professional Career

Thomas McGannon has made his mark in the financial industry for over three decades. Currently serving as Partner at Glynn Capital and having held roles at Whetstone Capital Advisors previously. Furthermore, Thomas served as Chief Investment Officer of one of Forbes 400 single family offices where he partnered with other successful fund managers as well as led direct investments in disruptive technology businesses.

McGannon is the father of Bellarmine alumni Conor ’13, Ryan ’16, and Brady ’18 and is part of our Faculty Student Parent Life Committee (FSPL). A graduate of Stanford University with expertise in both technology and energy sectors.

Nexo, Octopus and Metropolis Software were established by her. Currently she serves as Vice President of Strategy and Sales Operations for Xilinx Inc and was also one of the co-founders of Monterey Design Systems and Cadence Design Systems in their early days.

Achievement and Honors

An icon in the fight against colorectal cancer, leader within both CGA and Colon Cancer Foundation, mentor to numerous early career researchers, and beloved friend – losing such an outstanding individual has left us all in deep shock and sadness.

Honors Program Director Robert Pampel, Ph.D. opened the evening with remarks that recognized the outstanding achievements of this year’s 72 graduating seniors and provided information regarding their postgraduate plans.

Students were presented their Honors cords during a candlelight ceremony held in Brouster Hall. Furthermore, Dan Finucane received the inaugural Honors Program Faculty Member of the Year award; nominated by students for his dedication and care for intellectual growth among his students.

Personal Life

Thomas McGannon was the son of Joseph and Mary Josephine McGannon and had one sibling, William. An avid gardener and outdoors enthusiast, Thomas enjoyed cooking for those he cared about while leaving behind an extensive network of friends and family members in his wake.

He married Julla M McGannon in 1885 and they shared four children. When they retired from business and relocated to Iowa for good, he enjoyed country living to its fullest.

At her death on December 15, 2021, surrounded by family and friends, he left behind loving memories that will be dearly missed by his loved ones: husband Tom; daughters Melissa Romano and Meghan Ramon; son Patrick McGannon; stepson Ryan; and an exquisite granddaughter named Laila.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates Thomas McGannon’s estimated net worth at $8 Million. His fortune was earned through hard work and wise investment decisions; to calculate it, subtract his liabilities from all his assets’ values; one way of doing this is comparing your age with your pre-tax income; Ameriprise provides a free net worth calculator as well.

Based on SEC filings, Thomas Mcconnon executed one insider transaction in Goosehead Insurance Inc (GSHD) within the past 18 months by purchasing 153,537 shares net of costs incurred as an insider sale transaction. For more information about Thomas’ insider trading activity for Goosehead Insurance Inc click here.

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