Thomas McGrew

Thomas McGrew, MD

Thomas McGrew, MD is an Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist located in Cleveland, OH. Dr. McGrew completed his residency at UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE.

April 2009 – DNA results for an individual descended from John McGrew have been added to this project and match those obtained from Alexander MacGruar/McGrew. More information will be made available as soon as they become available.

Early Life and Education

He was a proud member of the US Naval Construction Battalion, commonly referred to as Seabees. An avid fly fisher, outdoorsman, hunter, volunteer at LeeKay Shooting Range for years as well as family. Survivors include his wife, children and grandchildren he leaves behind after both parents passed on before him.

Thomas McGrow was born in Columbia, Tennessee. He attended Andrews Elementary School before going on to graduate from Columbia Central High School and Bowling Green Business University. Thomas also served on Herbert Griffin American Legion Post #19. In addition, Thomas was actively engaged in community affairs; serving on Maury County T. B & Health Association board as well as being chairman for Easter Seals.

He was also a 32nd degree Mason and member of Columbia Shrine Club. Pattye Hight McGrew and him had two daughters together: Abby and Lacey.

Professional Career

McGrew has written over 30 academic journal articles and serves as an expert witness in intelligence assessment. Additionally, he serves as a consultant to several psychological test publishers as well as being on advisory boards of multiple research studies and organizations. Presently he serves as cognitive assessment research consultant at Interactive Metronome (neurotechnology company).

He is a founding member of the Hutton Parker Foundation and has held leadership roles on multiple non-profit agency boards, such as Santa Barbara Foundation Roundtable, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Board, Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation and Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. Additionally, he was regional sales manager at Kanouse Harper & Associates and Harger Lightning & Grounding before retiring and living in West Monroe Mississippi.

Achievement and Honors

McGrew has published over 80 professional journal articles and book chapters, four professional books on intelligence test interpretation, six norm-referenced intelligence, achievement, and special purpose psychological test batteries as well as 40 technical (grant) publications and presentations during his professional career. In addition, he has advised in developing numerous educational and psychological assessment instruments.

He has given presentations at both domestic and international conferences, seminars, and workshops related to human intelligence theory and measurement; personal competence development; adaptive behavior studies; educational assessment processes. His research endeavors seek to bridge this gap.

He has two earthly children and one in heaven and is very involved with his church. He enjoys spending time with his family hunting and fishing.

Personal Life

Abby McGrew was born January 1st 1984. She completed her education at Brentwood Academy before enrolling at the University of Mississippi to continue studies. As she became one of her studies’ main subjects, her cute girl-next-door image caught the eye of American Football player Eli Manning who eventually pursued them romantically – leading them down an unexpected and lasting path together.

McGrew alleges in his complaint against Burchett and Fannin that their action in placing him under suicide watch violated his First Amendment rights, yet there is no indication they did it in order to harass or intimidate him, or deprive him of procedural due process as required under due process law.

Additionally, he did not allege that any actions taken caused emotional distress or anxiety; damages for such harms cannot be recovered under SS 1983.

Net Worth

McGrew is not only known as a fashion expert; she’s also an active philanthropist. Along with Eli Manning, McGrew contributes to various charity efforts throughout the nation such as Children of Mississippi and Ole Miss Opportunity to name just two of many causes she supports.

Her net worth remains unknown to the general public; however, she lives an extremely comfortable lifestyle with her family in Summit, New Jersey where they reside in a luxurious home estimated to be valued at an estimated value of approximately $4.7 Million.

Their children include Ava Frances, Lucy Thomas, Caroline Olivia and Charles Elisha who all became citizens on January 1, 1984.

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