Thomas McIlraith

McIlraith possesses an outstanding fastball but lacks the command required to take full advantage of it. At Midland College, his struggles stemmed mainly from being unable to locate his pitches and make accurate pitches.

Prior to his political entry, Mr Macalister engaged in squatting activities. Once elected for Maranoa in 1870, he served as Minister for Public Works and Mines before leaving Mr Macalister’s cabinet on October 1874.

Early Life and Education

McIlraith was born in Melbourne to John and Margaret (nee Whannell) McIlraith. He received an education at Melbourne Grammar School before going on to the University of Wisconsin to study medicine before finishing up an internal medicine residency at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in 1999. Today, he serves as Chairman of Medicine at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California.

He entered Queensland Parliament, representing Maranoa, in 1868 and was later appointed Secretary for Public Works and Mines under Arthur Macalister. Later that same year he became Premier but due to poor health was forced out. While premier he worked tirelessly towards improving Queensland finances by turning deficit budgets into surpluses while developing pastoral industries throughout Queensland.

Professional Career

Thomas McIlraith, son of Scottish immigrants, has been working as a hospitalist in New Zealand for more than two decades. Throughout that time he has held multiple leadership roles and helped establish one of New Zealand’s first AIDS treatment centers; additionally he is involved with community service projects.

Thomas McIlraith and Brandon Courville have an uncanny way of fueling each other’s competitive fire as sophomore pitchers for Midland College baseball team. But despite being close friends, this duo has managed to remain objective when making decisions that benefit both themselves and the Chaps this season – including going all the way to Grand Junction Colorado to represent Midland in regional tournament and potentially qualify the Chaps for World Series participation for another consecutive year.

Achievement and Honors

McIlraith focuses her academic pursuits on knowledge representation, reason about action and formal foundations of semantic web. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Orting, Washington where she participated in their football program as well as managing their radio station.

Sheila has published in the areas of e-commerce, semantic web technologies and Web Modeling family of scientific fields. Additionally, she is working on projects related to formal foundations of knowledge representation and diagnostic problem solving.

Sir Thomas McIlwraith KCMG made an indelible mark in Queensland politics as three-time Premier and Ministerial positions such as Colonial Treasurer. An engineer by training, this visionary business leader managed to combine his parliamentary career with prosperous involvement in pastoral industry – opting to settle permanently there because of favorable land terms in 1870.

Personal Life

Thomas McIlwraith was an engineer, politician and entrepreneur renowned for his optimism regarding Queensland’s future and was often met with either support or opposition for his plans and actions.

Following his unsuccessful squatting pursuit in Victoria, McIlwraith settled in Queensland where he invested in eight pastoral holdings. In 1870 he won election as Member for Warrego in Queensland’s Legislative Assembly but resigned two months later to focus on his investments and return home permanently to Queensland. On 9 September 1871 he contested Warrego again before leaving again on 9 September 1871 so as to focus on these investments more fully before being elected Member for Maranoa (alongside his investments) on 9 September 1871 and joined Macalister’s Government as Secretary for Public Works and Mines until finally joining Macalister Government as Secretary for Public Works and Mines Secretary on 8 September 1874 before finally being appointed Secretary by Macalister Government Secretary General at Maranoa (in January ).

McIlwraith maintained close ties with John, investing PS3000 into his business. On 6 June 1863 he married Margaret Whannell and together they had three daughters, Jessie, Mary and Blanche; Margaret found life difficult living at Merivale Station so returned to Melbourne for Blanche’s birth; however she later passed away in Scotland.

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