Thomas Mulquin

Thomas Mulquin

Blackheath FC Rectory Field will host the sixth annual Thomas Mulquin Memorial Cup this month, pitting University of Greenwich Old Boys against Chairman’s Select XV and raising more than PS1,000 for Wooden Spoon rugby charity through auction and programme sales.

Mulquin holds the school single-season record for wins at No. 5 singles (17 in 2012-13). Additionally, he was honored as an ITA Scholar-Athlete.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mulquin was born in Kensington, Maryland to Jim and Anna Mae Mulquin of Kensington. While at Villanova he played under Rollie Massimino from 1979-1983; additionally he participated in Hampden-Sydney University sports programs as well. Jim and Anna Mae Mulquin have three sons named Dave Mike and Pat who all reside in Kensington Maryland as his siblings.

His family enjoys outdoor activities and sports, particularly basketball, which he coaches both St. Luke CYO and McLean Youth basketball teams for many years. Additionally, he attends St. Luke Catholic Church in McLean.

On November 14th, Blackheath team takes on UGRFC chairman’s select XV in memory of Thomas Mulquin – former Greenwich player who died suddenly of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome while training session in 2002 at age 20.

Professional Career

Thomas Mulquin played professionally for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association from 1985 to 2001 as both a shooting guard and small forward. Additionally, he participated in the 1984 US Men’s Olympic basketball team as well as competing on St John’s Red Storm basketball team.

Mulquin was an All-Big East performer. Selected seventh in the first round of the 1985 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors, he later moved on to playing for Indiana Pacers.

On November 14th, the sixth annual Thomas Mulquin Memorial Cup will take place. It will pit a University of Greenwich Old Boys team against MC Neutrino (an established British rapper). This fundraising fixture for Wooden Spoon rugby charity.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Mulquin was an award-winning rugby league player during the 1970s and 80s. His success earned him numerous honors, such as winning both the 1974 NRL Best Back award and 1976 Best Forward award, along with being nominated for the 1977 Clive Woodward Medal award.

He is also a member of the Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame and has received various other honors, as well as authoring books and articles related to rugby league.

On November 14 at Blackheath FC’s Rectory Field will take place the sixth annual Thomas Mulquin Memorial Cup. This event honors University of Greenwich student Thomas Mulquin who died due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome during a training session in 2002. In this match between UGRFC Old Boys team versus Mark Osei-tutu (aka MC Neutrino).

Personal Life

Mulquin is married and is father to two daughters. Additionally, his family remains extremely close-knit; they spend time together often. Mulquin also enjoys sports fanaticism and basketball is his passion.

He has served on the boards of several professional organizations and served on the National Bar Association board, acting as mentor and counselor to young lawyers. Furthermore, his extensive business litigation experience includes successfully litigating antitrust merger investigations such as Wilhelmsen-Drew Marine and 1-800 Contacts mergers.

He has also participated in various charitable efforts, such as Wooden Spoon Rugby Charity. Furthermore, he supports his children’s athletic endeavors through personal involvement.

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