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Tom Rampulla, Managing Director of Financial Advisor Services at Vanguard

Tom Rampulla leads Vanguard’s US Financial Advisor Services unit and oversees 1,000 distribution firms that entrust over $1 trillion to Vanguard passive funds since he joined them in 1988.

Drexel LeBow MBA alumni Barry Ritholtz was interviewed by Drexel LeBow to address claims made by active managers that indexing giants are gouging consumers.

Early Life and Education

Tom Rampulla has spent much of his career with Vanguard and now serves as its managing director of Financial Advisor Services – providing investments, services and education for independent financial advisors and broker dealers. Since 1988 he has been part of the team responsible for launching Financial Advisor Services under Martha King in 2002; Rampulla took her position when King switched over to institutional side in 2008. Martha moved over in 2008 but Rampulla continued her role reporting directly to Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb. Tom joined Drexel LeBow’s MASTERS IN BUSINESS podcast this week where he discussed his career journey as well as what makes effective leaders.

Professional Career

Rampulla has held positions within Vanguard’s financial division, fixed income group and institutional sales and marketing since 1992, eventually building his team that now oversees Financial Advisor Services division which works with over 1,000 adviser firms and represents $1 trillion of assets. He serves on Vanguard’s management committee reporting directly to their CEO.

After Martha King left to lead Vanguard’s U.K. and European operations, Rampulla agreed to step in as her replacement, returning home to Valley Forge Pennsylvania.

Now he is running FAS business, an unit which he believes has changed many of the industry’s harshest critics into key supporters. Additionally, he’s an active member of Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.

Achievement and Honors

Sophia Rampulla led Union Grove High School to its sectional final and amassed 1,225 points, 871 rebounds, 393 assists, 280 steals and 152 blocks over her career. After graduation she committed to UW-Milwaukee for further basketball play.

Vanguard, an investment giant worth $4tn that caters to US wealth managers, is sometimes bothered by complaints from active managers about indexers undercutting them. Thomas Rampulla can understand their frustration.

Drexel LeBow MBA graduate and Vanguard managing director. Recently back on campus to deliver an Industry Brief to students enrolled in the executive doctorate of business administration program. Also active within his local community: Member of Staten Island Chamber of Commerce and Volunteer at Staten Island Economic Development Corporation as well as marketing work done for several local organizations like She Media NY and Ferry Ads.

Personal Life

Thomas Rampulla was raised on Staten Island where he excelled both basketball and marketing skills development. This dedication paid off as he went on to found She Media NY as well as becoming Marketing Director at Ferry Ads.

As managing director of Vanguard’s Financial Advisor Services division, he oversees investments, services, education and research for more than 1,000 financial advisor firms that entrust approximately $1 trillion worth of assets with the company. In addition to this role, he serves on its senior management team reporting directly to chief executive officer Bill McNabb.

John earned both his undergraduate degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Master of Business Administration degree from Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. Additionally, he holds memberships with Staten Island Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations.

Net Worth

Thomas Rampulla, head of Vanguard Financial Advisor Services (FAS), oversees distribution of ETFs and mutual funds to registered investment advisers (RIAs) serving their clients. Since 1988 he’s been with Vanguard, working on FAS when it first launched; replacing Martha King who moved on to institutional business.

Rampulla dismisses claims from active managers that passive giants such as his firm are increasing market share by keeping costs low as being nothing but bitter grapes. His division serves over 1,000 distribution firms in the US and his goal is to focus on process and risk control while pushing boundaries of passive investments – adding that better performance can be obtained with both low costs and active management combined together.

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