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ProPublica reported recently that Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas accepted luxury trips funded by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, as well as purchasing his Savannah home where Thomas’ mother lives and undertaking major renovations there.

Professional Career

Thomas is an enthusiastic real estate professional with integrity, professionalism and discretion at the core of every transaction he undertakes. He takes great care to understand each client’s individual needs – both buyer and seller alike – before providing solutions tailored specifically for them.

Thomas expressed an interest in becoming a Shift Manager, so City Manager Jones and Airport Manager Erickson advised him to apply for technician positions within Maintenance so as to gain customer service experience. They suggested applying for Rental Sales Agent and Customer Service Representative jobs so as to advance his Operations career, yet he did not follow their suggestions.

Avis employed another individual for the position of Shift Manager; Thomas claimed he was denied this advancement on account of his deafness; Avis denied this claim while agreeing that their successful applicant possessed more management experience and higher educational levels than him.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was a double major in English and political science, so her work often sought to engage others. From serving as arts and entertainment editor for Emory student newspaper The Wheel to researching how politically turbulent times inspired satirical writing from 18th-century periodicals to “Saturday Night Live”, her aim was always to integrate academic concepts with wider social questions.

She channeled her passion for film and TV into a short film she co-directed with friends for Emory’s Campus Movie Fest, hoping to continue telling stories that ensure underrepresented communities feel heard. Prior to Emory, she directed marketing campaigns for US vacation homeowners and private aviation technology companies.

Net Worth

Thomas and Gloria Thomas received advice on how best to structure their estate when they inherited it, seeking advice on how best to structure their wealth. One advisor suggested setting up LLCs as holding companies for rental properties as this would reduce estate tax liability while teaching responsibility – however this option was ultimately declined as Thomases own 107 homes across Atlanta including Ensley Highlands, Bush Hills and Fairview neighborhoods.

Thomas disclosed his stake in three Savannah rental properties via federal financial disclosure forms during the late 1980s. In those filings, Thomas noted he owned one-third of each property valued at $15,000 or less – however he never mentioned Crow’s sale of them to him.

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