Thomas Riggins

Thomas Riggins

Thomas Riggins, who holds an MA from NYU’s The New School for Social Research as well as a PhD from CUNY Graduate Center (1983), has long been active in civil rights and peace movements, as well as online publications like People’s World and Political Affairs where he served as associate editor.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Riggins has over 42 years of experience working in the transportation industry as an agent with Railway Express Agency and Western Union, as well as membership on Monticello Railway Museum Board and Morse Telegraph Club boards.

He currently resides in Shaw Island, Washington with his wife and children; their son and daughter reside with them; as well as enjoying playing baseball and golf.

He is active in his local community as both a coach for high school and travel baseball teams; being named to the 2015 USA Today All-State team. In addition, he holds strong military connections having served in the US Air Force for 20 years as well as volunteering with American Red Cross and participating in fundraising activities for charitable causes.

Professional Career

After playing in the World Football League for several seasons, Riggins joined the Redskins as an unrestricted free agent and quickly established himself as one of the premier running backs in NFL. Even at age 30 (making him old for this sport!), he amassed 1,347 yards and 24 touchdowns in only 14 starts!

He was an outstanding citizen who demonstrated a carefree spirit both on and off the field. Furthermore, his fashion sense shone through with various striking hairstyles he donned including an Afro and Mohawk.

Tom currently serves as assistant band director and percussion director at Cedar Hill High School in Houston, Texas and is a member of both Texas Bandmasters Association and Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Fraternity.

Achievement and Honors

William Bankston Riggins was an extraordinary optimist and kind individual who accomplished much while leading many people. He loved his family dearly while lending assistance when needed. William leaves behind Sarah (his wife of 46 years), sons (two sons and a grandson), grandchildren and a large network of friends to continue living his legacy.

Thomas Riggins earned two Super Bowl championships during his coaching career. He trained several prominent NFL players like safety Eric Berry and cornerback Marcus Peters.

In 2018, he received the Marshall Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award. Additionally, he has served on the boards for numerous local businesses and organizations; is involved with both Rotary Club and Lions club membership, serving as mentorship to young students in need.

Personal Life

Thomas was an outstanding member of his community who dedicated much of his life to raising his family. He enjoyed fishing, boating and gardening activities – especially frequent visits to Current River. Thomas was an active member of Teamsters International as he was employed at Cassens Transport as a truck driver; his legacy will be missed by all who knew him.

A Critical Reading of Santiago Carrillo and Eurocommunist Revisionism is a book which investigates both the theoretical development of Eurocommunism, as well as whether certain supposed anti-Eurocommunist parties in the West have come to accept some of its core tenets. It offers a rich discussion of its historical development; making this text essential reading for scholars of European politics and history.

Net Worth

Riggins had a tremendously successful football career, earning millions during it and amassing an estimated net worth of $6 Million. Additionally, he proudly belongs to the Washington Redskins Hall of Fame with numerous accomplishments under his belt.

Tom brings years of experience to estimating, project management, and supervision of new, remodel, and tenant improvement projects. His attention to detail ensures each one meets with client approval upon completion.

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