Thomas Rioux

Thomas Rioux – Pinkerton Academy’s 1A Player

Thomas Rioux loved traveling with his family. He took pleasure in taking road trips in his car and exploring different parks. Additionally, Thomas loved playing soccer and basketball – an activity in which he excelled naturally and brought immense pleasure to others.

Tom Rioux and Liam Doyle make an exceptional pitching combination that has propelled Pinkerton High School to one title game win and three semifinal appearances under head coach Steve Campo during their eight years under his tutelage, while each hopes to continue pitching at college level.

Early Life and Education

Tom Rioux of Pinkerton Academy baseball specializes in hitting. Hailing from New Hampshire, he serves as “1A”, just one step below superstar strikeout king Liam Doyle on the roster.

Former partner in Wendel Hardware and Implement Company. Had investments in oil, cotton ginning, construction and farming businesses. Member of Chamber of Commerce.

Services were conducted at Rose-Neath Funeral Chapel in Shreveport by Mrs. Dorothy Claiborne, with interment at Forest Park Cemetery. His only brother died due to yellow fever while living in Cuba and thus no children survived him. Of his survivors were Adolphus Rioux of Palacios; four grandchildren (W. E. Rioux from El Campo; Mrs Fred B Webb from Texarkana Arkansas and Miss Darlene Rioux from this city); four great-grandchildren as well as his one son Adolphus Rioux of Palacios as well as four great-greatgrandchildren (his only brother died due to yellow fever in Cuba).

Professional Career

Thomas Rioux was raised in Lewiston, a close-knit community where friends, family, and faith all came together. Thomas was beloved as a loving son, brother, cousin, friend bringing joy and making people laugh; taking trips in his car; carving wood into stunning gifts for friends.

Calvary Bible Church in Westport provided him with fellowship. Additionally, he was an accomplished artist and passionate cook.

Rioux and Doyle share a common goal – getting drafted into college baseball. Both work hard on their pitches with Kyle Harvell from Pinkerton program as their coach and are proud of their progress; Kyle complimented Rioux on having a nice slider under pressure while Doyle showed more energy during their innings.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was an outstanding offensive lineman for the Bobcats. Starting as both guard and center in his sophomore season, he earned Honorable Mention All-Southland Conference recognition. By junior year he had taken over starting center duties and performed admirably enough to garner First Team All-Southland Conference honors.

Warrant Officer Rioux came from Shreveport, Louisiana three years ago to establish the Humble Service Station at El Campo and quickly earned our admiration as a result of his extensive three and half years Army service involving campaigns in North Africa and Europe. Since coming home he has operated civilian businesses while operating his Bayshore Dairy farm which produces Grade A milk production.

Personal Life

Tommy Rioux and Tim Doyle, two junior aces of Pinkerton Baseball Club in Derry, first played together as teammates on a T-ball team there. Since then they’ve both worked closely with pitching coach Kyle Harvell on honing their pitches; Rioux’s velocity has increased from 82 to 85, while Doyle has expanded his overall command.

Rioux settled in Palacios in 1931 and founded Bayshore Farms Dairy near town. He served in World War II’s Armed Services as a warrant officer serving in North Africa and Europe.

He is a founding member of both Matagorda County Board of Realtors and Texas Assn. of Real Estate Boards; in addition, he belongs to First Methodist Church where he and Mildred Wallace have three children together.

Net Worth

Elisabeth Rioux is an Instagram Star, Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer best known for her lingerie line Bamboo Underwear. Born December 20, 1996 in Canada and considered one of the richest influencers on Instagram.

No one knows for certain if this Breton laborer from Ploujean reached New France directly or through intermediate steps; whatever his path was, however, he became an established landowner owing faithful service to King Francis for receiving land grants as compensation from him.

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