Thomas Schiro

Thomas Schiro – The Man Who Murdered Laura Luebbehusen in 1981

Thomas Schiro was serving time for robbery when he murdered Laura Luebbehusen in Evansville, Indiana in 1981. After entering her house by falsely claiming car trouble and then beating, raping, and strangling her to death he then used an alibi as justification to escape prison and commit the deed.

Schiro’s defense team argued during his trial that violent pornography impaired his capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct and thus absolved him from receiving the death penalty. Unfortunately, this argument was rejected by the court.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Schiro murdered and sexually abused twenty-eight year-old Laura Luebbehusen of Evansville Indiana while residing at Second Chance Halfway House a work release program for criminals serving time for other offenses.

He gained entry to her home by falsely reporting his car had broken down, then beat, raped, and eventually strangled her to death. Additionally, he took her body and sexually assaulted it later.

At trial, Schiro attempted to convince the jury he was mentally incapacitated at the time of murdering, yet the judge saw through this attempt and noted that throughout trial when jurors were present he consistently rocked back and forth, eventually earning 60 years behind bars.

Professional Career

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Schiro provided his autobiography during his 1981 murder trial, detailing all the crimes he had committed over time from peeping through windows and grabbing women in pools to rape, murder, and sexual gratification of children. On death row however, prosecutors chose not to pursue these cases since murder trumped rape legally and they could pursue him at another time; only when his sentence was overturned did Evansville police decide to investigate these other incidents further.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Schiro has earned several accolades and awards for his academic accomplishments, such as receiving the Brian Lance Bosart award from UCLA which honors graduate students for outstanding work in atmospheric sciences while upholding Bosart’s ideals that a good scientist must also contribute positively to society. Furthermore, Thomas is a member of Tau Beta Pi honor society.

Thomas Schiro was originally sentenced to the death penalty, but after an appeal with the Indiana Supreme Court his convictions were too serious and would spare him it. Instead he will serve a minimum 60-year prison term on charges including rape and criminal deviate conduct; his next court date in Vanderburgh County will take place October 11th.

Personal Life

Thomas Schiro is currently serving a prison sentence for the 1981 murder of Laura Luebbehusen in Evansville, Indiana. He was found guilty of abusing, sexually assaulting and eventually strangling her to death.

The prosecution alleged that Schiro was an active sexual sadist who blamed violent pornography for his criminal behavior, while Schiro’s defense attorneys attempted to portray him as mentally insane.

Schiro began rocking back and forth during court sessions when jurors were present, prompting the judge to suspect he may be exaggerating his mental disorders.

Schiro made confessions of murdering his former roommate at both a halfway house where he resided and at a county jail, both based solely on his memory of events rather than on any tangible evidence.

Net Worth

Thomas Schiro currently plays for Crotone in FM2022 and his contract expires on 30th June 2024.

Schiro took great pains in order to conceal his murder and rape of Luebbehusen: wearing gloves so as not to leave fingerprints behind, cleaning and disposing of Luebbehusen’s dildo after its use in Luebbehusen’s rape, convincing the night attendant at his halfway house into falsifying her records that showed that he returned at 5:30 am, etc.

Schiro’s lawyers at trial portrayed him as insane, alleging that violent pornography led him down an inexcusable path of sexual sadism that rendered him incapable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his acts and not responsible for them. A jury agreed with them, sparing him death. Unfortunately, however, one judge disagreed and sentenced Schiro to 60 years incarceration; Schiro appealed his case all the way up to Indiana Supreme Court.

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