Thomas Shoemaker

Thomas Shoemaker Pleads Guilty in Health Care Fraud Scheme

Thomas Shoemaker from Monroe in Louisiana pleaded guilty Tuesday to participating in an elaborate health care fraud scheme involving millions of dollars worth of health benefits programs by marketing compounded medications to defraud them. Federal officials claim Thomas Shoemaker used compounded medications as part of his scheme.

Mr. Shoemaker offers men’s ballet techniques, pas de deux lessons and history classes as well as junior career preparation services as well as coaching & stretch & strength sessions.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Shoemaker earned a degree in astronomy at College of the Holy Cross. Later he worked for the US Geological Survey’s Astrogeology Center in Flagstaff, Arizona where he and Carolyn made significant contributions in studying asteroids and comets; together they made history when discovering Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.

He was also an accomplished horse jockey, having led three-time champion Spectacular Bid to 14 straight victories from 1979 through 1980. Additionally, he found some success as a trainer.

After retiring from banking, he became involved in education and philanthropy. He served on the board of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School – an educational facility that helps low-income students prepare for college and career by using its unique work-study program; students earn their tuition through corporate partnerships while also gaining invaluable real world experience.

Professional Career

Thomas Shoemaker is a highly accomplished business development professional with expertise in government services and software as a service. In his role as Vistage Chair and active board member at TD Bank.

Tom has worked with various dance and theatre companies across the nation. An accomplished choreographer, he has taught in studios, schools and colleges alike.

BlackSun Theatre Company proudly presents Thomas Dekker’s rarely performed comedy, The Shoemakers’ Holiday. Under Philip Breen’s direction, this Elizabethan comedy explores class and cobbler relationships in love. Aristocrat Rowland Lacy falls for middle-class Rose Oatley but to avoid his parents he disguises himself as a shoemaker and arrives at Simon Eyre, one of London’s premier craftsmen’s shop to find refuge there.

Achievement and Honors

Shoemaker was an accomplished jockey, most notably riding three-time champion Spectacular Bid. Additionally, he trained racehorses with modest success.

His first career was geology, working to identify uranium deposits in the Southwest. Following graduation from Caltech he went on to join the US Geological Survey where he spent several years mapping and studying volcanic and meteoritic craters in Arizona and Colorado, before concluding that Barrington Crater on the Moon wasn’t caused by volcanic activity but rather by an impact from an asteroid or comet.

Sheryl Crow counts Shoemaker among her most significant mentors, and credits him as being her inspiration in becoming a record producer. Since working with him she has worked with Iggy Pop, Giant Sand, and Emmylou Harris; his ashes were even taken to the Moon during his death.

Personal Life

Shoemaker holds multiple board memberships at insurance companies and serves as Chief Accounting Officer & Comptroller at Everest National Insurance Co, as well as Assistant Comptroller of Healthcare Specialty Brokers of Alabama Inc.

Additionally, he has served on the dance faculties at Middle Tennessee State University Dance Program, Austin Peay State University and Tennessee Governors School for the Arts Summer Program – teaching ballet, pointe work, men’s technique classes as well as junior career preparation courses.

Gene’s cremains were taken into space aboard NASA’s Lunar Prospector and interred in Shoemaker Crater on the Moon after his passing; one last step on his quest to be one of the first humans to visit Mars.

Net Worth

Tom Shoemaker serves on the Board of Keurig Dr Pepper Inc and owns approximately $3 Million worth of shares. In addition, he serves as President & CEO of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School; an innovative college prep school where students earn tuition by working one day each week with corporate partners as part of their tuition payments.

He serves as Director of ItsLearning and previously held various roles at PTC including Vice President Product Marketing. His salary has been reported as $319,035.

Tom Shoemaker serves as both a director and an insider trader of Extreme Networks Inc (EXTR), with no recent insider trades to his credit in the last 18 months. Click here to view Tom’s full history of form 4 insider trading transactions, along with those by EVP Kevin R Rhodes and Interim CFO Cristina Camahort Tate – two other key executives within Extreme Networks Inc.

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