Thomas Sloan

Thomas Sloan

Thomas Sloan is a senior associate in the Colorado 10th Judicial District Attorney’s office and specializes in criminal legal research to develop systems more humane and equitable while at the same time strengthening public safety.

As with Crawford, he attempted to present himself as the champion of scattered protestant rural interests and an antidote for Catholicism (including any potential influence from Catholic policemen). Yet this conveniently obscured his own sectarianism.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Sloan was raised in Alliance, Ohio. His parents encouraged him to work hard and focus on what mattered most in life, instilling within him strong values and personal responsibility. Thomas credits his four children and wife with providing the motivation necessary for him to strive towards success in all aspects of his life.

Once he graduated college, he joined the University of Texas San Antonio where he helped introduce division one football. Later he served as business development executive for Alamo Title Company.

He is passionate about criminal legal research and strives to develop systems that are both more humane and equitable while remaining effective at providing public safety.

Professional Career

Thomas Sloan has an innate commitment to service and readily embraces responsibility without reservation, which has served him well during his career with the Round Rock Police Department. His ability to tackle new challenges and think creatively has created an excellent work culture within his unit.

Thomas’s passion for criminal legal research stems from a strong desire to improve our systems of law enforcement, courts, and incarceration so they are more humane and equitable while remaining as effective at protecting public safety as possible. Additionally, Thomas is particularly intrigued by how religion interacts with politics.

Integrity is at the core of Thomas’s business philosophy and remains his driving force in his mortgage business. He strives to find loans tailored specifically to each of his client’s individual financial goals.

Achievement and Honors

Sloan became a leading advocate of protestant anti-ritualist crusade in Britain. He supported a petition asking Queen Victoria for a declaration of faith which condemned transubstantiation and Marian devotion, contesting local elections in Belfast against official candidates, while seeking support of an informal network of Belfast-based MPs (known as ‘a clique’).

His election reflected an informal agreement between Belfast nationalists and Dublin unionist hard-liners like W. J. Pirrie (qv), who funded his campaign; also aiding him were trades councils and local temperance associations.

He regularly attended Belfast petty sessions until lay JPs were banned and was an active member of St Michael’s Total Abstinence LOL 1890. Additionally, he served as a methodist lay preacher who conducted lunchtime prayer meetings at platers’ shed.

Personal Life

Thomas Sloan’s commitment to family values and his tenacity have enabled him to enjoy an enriching and successful career. He learned the fundamentals of hard work and teamwork from both of his careers: first with the United States Coast Guard where he served for 22.5 years as Lieutenant Commander; later at CU Boulder’s Advancement Marketing and Communications Team.

He currently owns and operates Sloan Winters Mountain Orchard & Garden LLC in California as a Certified Organic farm, where he grows nutritious fruits and vegetables to promote healthier living. He takes great pleasure in learning from like-minded farmers in his farming community to enhance his farming and land management strategies. Sheila provides much-needed support as do their children and extended family.

Net Worth

Thomas Sloan has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million dollars. His fortune was built through successful political careers. Additionally, he owns several real estate-related companies as well as his own farm that produces fruit trees and organic vegetables for production on it. Thomas Sloan works together with his wife in advocating for healthy and nutritional eating practices.

He values family, friends, and community above all else and strives to live an enjoyable and meaningful life in Camino, California. He enjoys the outdoors and cooking; has an admirable work ethic; values education through seminars and conferences; is married with four children; currently serves as director for Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.

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