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Thomas Travis is the New Administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Thomas Travis has been appointed Administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. A retired U.S. Navy captain, Travis has extensive national security expertise as a national security expert for Operation Iraqi Freedom based on foundational studies published under his supervision.

He serves as part of the firm’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution Service Team and represents clients involved in appellate practice, constitutional law matters, commercial litigation cases and general litigation issues.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Travis was raised on a farm in Edgefield District, South Carolina and attended Red Bank Church with his Scottish-descended parents Mark and Jemima (Stallworth). Later, Travis studied law in Claiborne where he apprenticed himself to leading attorney James Dellett – becoming his apprentice lawyer in Claiborne as an apprentice.

Travis has performed on violin, piano and saxophone; serving as guest principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Travis currently serves on our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Service Team where he assists clients with representation across an array of cases such as appellate practice and constitutional law matters.

Prior to joining Judge Brown’s office, Emma served as a Fellow with the Texas Civil Rights Project in Richmond where she employed litigation and community lawyering strategies to defend voting rights and advance economic justice. Emma graduated from both University of Richmond School of Law and Haverford College.

Professional Career

Thomas Travis is a 30-year veteran of the United States Air Force and served in various capacities such as command pilot and flight surgeon.

Travis has extensive legal experience handling civil litigation matters including complex commercial and insurance coverage disputes. In his professional career he has also held roles such as being a Judicial Law Clerk to Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Martin and serving as Legal Fellow to Senator Rand Paul.

Travis also founded Live Yes, And Consulting which offers training programs and consulting to leaders and teams on how to cultivate mindsets that foster success. He works with numerous sports teams and corporations worldwide to assist them in meeting their goals; additionally he has written numerous books on improvisation and leadership.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Travis has garnered many honors and awards throughout his career. He has spoken at corporate events, served on boards of directors – such as Jo-Ann Stores Inc and Lincoln Center Theater – as well as being part of the Executive Leadership Council Foundation.

Travis emerged on the country scene as a singer-songwriter with his 1986 best-selling album Storms of Life and created an entirely new path for traditionalist artists while expanding its accessibility. His distinctive blend of vocal twang and square jawed sex appeal won him over hard country loyalists while garnering him admiration from millions outside its boundaries.

Travis emphasizes the significance of discipline for reaching one’s goals throughout his podcast discussions, drawing from his experiences as both a law enforcement officer and athlete to demonstrate its significance in helping bring dreams into reality.

Personal Life

He and Arliss raised their two children together in a strong family environment filled with love, encouragement, and laughter. Together they enjoyed picnics, miniature golf tournaments, camping trips across America, longtime membership at Rockland Community Church as well as watching services online.

Travis founded Live Yes, And in 2007 to use improvisational comedy and personal development concepts to teach mindset, leadership, character, and mindfulness. He works with youth athletes of all levels – youth through professional – in developing their inner brilliance; mindfulness training at schools and businesses; as well as performing with his troupe. Travis currently resides in Florida with his family where he enjoys fishing, hunting and golf – reading, traveling and camping are also hobbies he takes pleasure in partaking of.

Net Worth

Thomas Travis has amassed quite the fortune. Through his music career and venture into reality television with Kourtney Kardashian, Thomas Travis has amassed vast riches.

He is also the founder of Famous Stars, an accessories and clothing company which sells punk rock/hip hop themed tee-shirts and jackets, along with an impressive real estate portfolio consisting of 4-bedroom Cheviot Hills houses, Rancho Cucamonga properties and an enormous Calabasas mansion which rents out for $27,000 per month.

Drummer Jon Nix is also an astute businessperson, having acquired a stake in Bank7 Corp since 2018. He regularly trades stocks, making numerous lucrative deals along the way; currently holding 319,577 units as of 2023.

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