Thomas Trowbridge

Thomas Trowbridge – A Well-Known Politician

Trowbridge was a woolen merchant from Taunton, England who first settled in Dorchester before eventually migrating to New Haven, Connecticut.

He was an influential merchant, capable of building warehouses and wharves to house his goods, as well as being known for his generous charitable activities.

He married Elizabeth Marshall of St Mary Arches parish, Exeter and had two sons together.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Trowbridge was born in Shalford, Essex England in 1512 to wealthy landowners from the Trowbridge family and is widely credited with leading to the growth of several villages nearby.

Elizabeth Marshall brought two sons with her when they came to America in March 1627. Unfortunately, he died back in England during February 1672/73 due to English Civil War which prevented him from returning and raised them instead.

Samuel Trowbridge was one of Thomas’s descendants and was born in Frederick County Virginia on November 27, 1772 and died April 7, 1864 in Kingwood Preston County West Virginia where he had two wives; Jane Ruble being his first partner and Christianne Dumire his second.

Professional Career

The Trowbridge family has always been active in business and the military throughout their history. Their earliest members were involved with the woolen trade in Taunton, England before immigrating to America – Thomas Trowbridge was one of these early members who settled in Exeter, Massachusetts as a woolen merchant, joined Merchants and Adventurer’s Guild and was later elected city councilor and sheriff.

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Achievement and Honors

After graduating college, Thomas Trowbridge took up employment with Boeing. He was honored as both a Schreyer Scholar and international programs co-leader for Engineers Without Borders; additionally, he won the Boeing Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Junior Award.

Taunton residents still remember him for his generous charity of providing land for poor people of the town.

He was an active philanthropist and generous supporter of local charities. His family had long demonstrated its generosity by contributing to charitable organizations throughout the community. Additionally, he contributed generously to both the American Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery as well as serving on its Trustee board for Merrimack Valley District Dental Society.

Personal Life

Thomas Trowbridge was in line to inherit most of John Trowbridge’s wealth as his eldest son; however, he exhibited a “roving, venturesome spirit”.

In 1624 he moved to Exeter, England and began trading woolen goods under his own name at a Merchants and Adventurer’s Guild meeting. Elizabeth Marshall he married was daughter of a sheriff, alderman and mayor from Exeter with an extensive wool trade family background in her family tree.

Thomas and his wife traveled from England to America around 1636, leaving John (his eldest) behind in England and William in Connecticut due to the Civil War there. It may have kept Thomas busy enough that he did not send for or return with his children from America.

Net Worth

Thomas Trowbridge is a well-known Politician who is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $7 million due to his career as an elected representative.

As an economically wealthy individual of his time, John Magdalin was known in Taunton for his fairness and generosity towards the poor as evidenced by a panel on St Mary Magdalin church’s facade. Additionally, he established a trust fund to benefit elderly parishioners of this church and St James, distributing funds even 250 years after its creation.

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