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Thomas Tsang, Architect, Artist, and Curator

Thomas Tsang is CEO and Co-Founder of Valera Health, an innovative behavioral healthcare company dedicated to providing high touch care with digital personalized engagement. Additionally, Thomas serves as healthcare consultant and clinical advisor; in the past he served as both congressional staffer and medical director at the Office of the National Coordinator.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Tsang is an entrepreneur and physician who has made an immense difference in healthcare. He sits on multiple advisory boards for technology start-ups and advises the New York City Board of Health. Furthermore, Thomas led ONC’s quality strategy implementation efforts as well as contributing to HHS measurement harmonization strategies.

His work strives to produce sculptures that are both visually captivating and thought-provoking, featuring delicate porcelain figures representing human relationships or objects within them. Additionally, the medium allows him to convey his observations of life.

After Tung Chee-hwa resigned as Chief Executive in 2005, Tsang took his place and proposed two constitutional reform proposals as well as outlining a five-year policy blueprint. Furthermore, he established an intimate working relationship with pan-democracy activists while appointing some pro-democracy legislators into key government posts during his term in Hong Kong.

Professional Career

Thomas Tsang is a dentistry practitioner located in Kew Gardens, NY who currently practices at Practice. He accepts various insurance plans.

Tsang, as part of her residency at Rupert, engaged in an artistic collaboration project with poet Natalie Diaz, visual artist Lars Laumann and composer Cecilia Lopez. Their collaborative works explore and question imagination and ambition when planning without predetermined “objects”.

He has served as a health policy fellow in Washington DC working on key provisions of the Affordable Care Act before both House Ways and Means Committee and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, in addition to serving as medical director at an HIT company where he worked toward triple aim goals. Furthermore, he sits on various advisory boards of healthcare startups including Valera Health.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Tsang is an architect, artist, and curator acclaimed with numerous awards. His work marries artistic practice with architecture through installations and exhibitions. Thomas founded DEHOW PROJECTS of Hong Kong which specializes in archeological performance projects; these archeological performance projects explore imagination and ambition without predetermined “object”.

Tsang was elected Chief Executive after incumbent Tung Chee-hwa resigned on 11 March 2005, serving out the remainder of Tung’s term and being reelected for another one in 2007.

Tsang quickly established close ties to pan-democrats during his first term. He appointed several pan-democracy supporters to government positions despite criticism from traditional Beijing-loyalists, and submitted two constitutional reform proposals which later passed in parliament.

Personal Life

Thomas Tsang was raised in Brooklyn by parents who ran a Chinese restaurant, giving him an appreciation of holistic health that led him to found Valera Health today – which operates across 10 states and works with 35+ health plans.

In December, he collapsed while playing table tennis at a Plano recreation center and was saved by lifeguards who administered CPR and utilized an automated external defibrillator on him until paramedics could arrive. On Monday afternoon he and his son visited Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center to thank the people who saved his life.

His porcelain sculptures range from delicate and stunningly beautiful, to striking and thought-provoking, all the while remaining true to their theme: relationships rooted in love.

Net Worth

Thomas Kwok and his brothers remain relatively unknown to the general public, although their devout Christian faith is evident by funding an “Exodus-themed theme park” on Hong Kong’s Ma Wan Island and opening up a church within one of Sun Hun Kai’s skyscrapers.

Peter Woo married into wealth by marrying Bessie Pao’s family. Her father owned Wheelock & Co. and Wharf, two real estate investment and development companies that Woo now serves as chairman for. Additionally, Woo has ownership in Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL), an electric vehicle battery maker which produces batteries for BMW and Volkswagen electric car companies.

Michael Kadoorie holds multiple shares in CLP Holdings, the company that supplies electricity to much of Hong Kong. Additionally, he owns shares of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, an integrated hotel management and tourism holding company.

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