Thomas Vallandingham

Thomas Vallandingham is Running For a Family Court Judge Position in Daviess County

Thomas Vallandingham has been practicing law in Daviess County for several years and now stands as a candidate for family court judge on the November primary ballot. As staff attorney to current Family Court Judge Michael McKown he gained experience handling various types of cases.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Vallandingham grew up as one of 12 siblings. He attended Hopkins Grammar School for six years after graduation before teaching school for some time and opening up a law practice in Wethersfield, Connecticut, while simultaneously working as a clerk for a judge.

He pledged that all parties were fairly heard in court proceedings and their cases judged fairly, rather than making decisions based on personal bias or emotional considerations alone.

Furthermore, he wanted to reduce review hearings and establish a regular “motion hour” to speed things up. Michael McKown served as Daviess Family Court judge.

Professional Career

Thomas Vallandingham has been practicing family law in his local community for several years and specializes in Daviess County Family Court Judge’s staff attorney position for three years before venturing out on his own.

He noted he has handled every type of case that comes through the system, making decisions based on both facts and law as a Family Court Judge. To enhance efficiency in Family Court operations he suggests creating a regular “motion hour” and discontinuing hearings that are unnecessary.

Outside his professional sphere, David serves the community by umpiring baseball games and soccer refereeing. Additionally, both he and Adrienne serve on boards at New Beginnings and H.L. Neblett Community Center.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Vallandingham graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public health and environmental policy from the University of Cumberlands. He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society, and also honored with both Algernon Sydney Sullivan and Mary Mildred Sullivan awards, given out for making significant contributions to campus life while demonstrating outstanding spiritual values.

At the 2022 Senior Academic Awards Event, Professor Debra Allen and Amy Thistlethwaite both earned honorable mention for their exceptional teaching abilities. Director of Campus Ministry Andrew Cole concluded with a closing benediction.

Students were honored for their achievements at Cumberlands. These awards included those who were inducted into the J.T. Vallandingham Scholastic Honor Society – Cumberlands’ highest honor!

Personal Life

Thomas Vallandingham is a family man who supports local baseball and soccer leagues, directs the community choir for Wewoka Bicentennial pageant, is part of Oklahoma City Master Chorale, and volunteers his services at New Beginnings as a board member.

Vallandingham has been practicing family law in Daviess County for years and recently decided to file for Family Court Judge seat this year, believing it to be his calling and with hopes to streamline operations, treat everyone equally and efficiently while upholding dignity and respect. His goals would include making Family Court more efficient while treating everyone with respect and dignity.

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Net Worth

Thomas Vallandingham has filed to run for Daviess County Family Court Judge this year. He has practiced family law locally for many years while also acting as an umpire and referee in Owensboro area sports tournaments.

Vallandingham understood “what-if” arguments – if two nations could coexist within what had once been known as the United States, three or even four might also exist – including an independent Midwestern Confederacy that might seek independence from Union rule.

So he was delighted when Lincoln banished him to Confederate lines; it allowed him to continue portraying the federal government as an insidious army and administration.

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