Thomas Whitley

Thomas Whitley of Niceville, Florida, Dies at Age 79

Thomas Whitley died at 79 in Niceville, Florida after living for more than four decades in Worcester and then moving there permanently. As president of CSU during its transitional phase from temporary buildings to permanent campus.

After conducting a contested hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found all charges were valid and that Whitley had committed conduct unbecoming of public employees, leading him to be removed from his position.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Whitley was born in Ashland, Kentucky and raised with his sister and parents in Sandy Hook nearby where he attended high school as well as working as an ad salesman for Elliott County News newspaper.

Lorrie Morgan enlisted the aid of several bluegrass musicians and country music’s top names at that time to record a tribute album for Whitley that became a chart-topping Billboard chart-topper and sold well enough to warrant its second volume being produced the following year.

He became an amateur art historian and expert on British artists, writing articles for The Morning Post as well as more serious pieces in journals such as The Studio, Burlington Magazine and Connoisseur. In 1915 he released his first monograph about Gainsborough entitled Gainsborough Monograph.

Professional Career

Thomas Whitley works as an attorney at Taylor & Associates PLLC in Phoenix, Arizona and assists his clients in dealing with workers’ compensation situations as well as providing legal advice regarding corporate governance and white collar investigations.

Lorrie Morgan organized a tribute album for Whitley after his passing in 1994 called L.A. to Miami that featured several of Whitley’s popular tunes covered. It was released for public sale later that September.

Whitley has established himself in local government in addition to being a successful musician. Initially he served as an aide for Leon County Commissioner John Dailey before later being named chief of staff and has held this post for four years now.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Whitley served as longtime Columbus College President and led the drafting of the city-county charter that local voters approved in 1971. Additionally, he served on Columbus Metropolitan Board of Education and led in Civil Rights movements across America.

Whitley was renowned for his series of articles on British art that first appeared in the Morning Post and later appeared in Burlington Magazine and The Studio. He became widely acknowledged as an authority on Thomas Gainsborough, authoring multiple monographs about him.

WFN Patron HRH the Princess Royal presented each winner with their trophies during an event hosted at RGS. Gold Award recipient Shivani Bhalla gave an in-depth keynote address about her work in Samburu and its impacts on wildlife and people due to climate change.

Personal Life

Thomas Whitley was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who found great enjoyment hunting and salmon fishing. Additionally, he collected antiques regularly at Rockville auctions on Friday nights, often serving as an Elder at Parkville Christian Church there.

His interest in art led to him writing articles for The Morning Post regarding British artwork. These efforts led to his first monograph: Artists and Their Friends in England 1799 (1928).

He wrote extensively on the history of the Blue Mountains, publishing several articles in local newspapers and Journal of Royal Australian Historical Society journals. Additionally, he was an expert in Francis MacNamara’s poetry as a convict. Additionally, he served as an active community leader and worked towards protecting Blue Mountains heritage sites.

Net Worth

Whitley had an extensive library on Australiana as well as English woodcuts and was an authority on the Blue Mountains. He contributed articles about them both locally and in journals of the Royal Australian Historical Society.

Rhonda Thomas Whitley reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $4 Million as of 2020, according to estimates made available from various sources. Her television career commenced back in the early 1980s and has resulted in her collecting an impressive sum. Furthermore, as an actress/comedian she has also featured in various movies which has further added to her earnings.

She currently works at ICBA as vice president and regulatory counsel, overseeing their positions before federal regulators as well as serving on numerous committees and boards. Unfortunately, their salary information is unavailable to the public.

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