Thomas Zaccaro

Thomas Zaccaro – Securities Litigation Attorney

Thomas Zaccaro is an attorney specializing in securities litigation issues who currently works at Paul Hastings LLP in Los Angeles. He completed his legal training at Boston College Law School.

Thomas has extensive experience representing corporations and executives in government investigations and other criminal or regulatory proceedings, as well as general securities litigation such as class actions or shareholder derivative suits.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised by his mother and three brothers. He attended a boarding school seminary to become a Catholic priest; however, after becoming frustrated by its passive stance on civil rights issues he abruptly quit and moved out.

At College of the Holy Cross he earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature before enrolling at Yale Law School, becoming one of the inaugural beneficiaries of open admissions.

Thomas is always willing to assist others and encourages all of the Fat Controller’s engines to be Really Useful. Unfortunately, Thomas can be proud and stubborn at times; furthermore, his dislike of fish scent may cause him to take poor advice from Sailor John or Ace and get himself into difficulty.

Professional Career

Thomas Zaccaro is a partner at Paul Hastings who specializes in high-stakes civil and criminal litigation, representing corporations; their officers, directors and business owners as well as individuals in matters such as securities litigation, SEC/parallel investigations as well as white collar criminal cases.

Zaccaro has an exceptional record in representing clients in high-stakes matters such as securities and commodities fraud, insider trading, offering fraud, Ponzi schemes and sales of unregistered securities. He serves as an adjunct professor of securities regulation at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law.

He served as chief trial counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Pacific Regional Office, leading and overseeing enforcement litigation. Prior to that he worked as assistant U.S. attorney in New York’s Southern District as well as trial attorney at DOJ’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section.

Personal Life

Thomas Zaccaro is an attorney who specializes in Securities Litigation cases. Based in California, his practice encompasses representing public companies as well as their officers, directors, accounting firms and accounting firms as well as investment advisors; individuals in government investigations as well as criminal or regulatory proceedings.

He recently secured a victory for one of his clients in the SEC v. Moshayedi insider trading case and also represents individuals in high stakes civil litigation matters and private prosecutions for white collar crimes.

Zaccaro Morgan, an SEC enforcement defense boutique firm co-founded by him and Nicolas Morgan and Sam Puathasnanon, will join Paul Hastings to focus on high stakes complex civil and SEC matters such as white collar crime investigation/defense in Los Angeles office.

Net Worth

He was an experienced securities lawyer with expertise in corporate and complex civil litigation, representing public companies, officers and directors, accounting firms and investment advisors before the SEC and DOJ investigations as well as private civil cases in court proceedings; winning several jury trial victories along the way.

Robert has successfully represented corporations, individuals and financial services companies in high-profile civil, class action, shareholder derivative suits. Furthermore, he has handled several significant securities fraud cases as well as having extensive knowledge in financial institution regulatory matters.

Life Path 7 defines him as introspective and curious about seeking knowledge, with a solid educational background and a good business acumen that led to owning a company which managed multiple buildings throughout New York’s Chinatown, Little Italy and Queens neighborhoods.

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