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Bob Zaremba, 76, of Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Passed Away on Friday, March 26, 2021

Thomas Zaremba is an attorney at Roetzel & Andress, LPA in Toledo, Ohio who assists clients with Business Litigation issues. With more than three decades of experience and having won over 50 cases himself.

Point 13 shows the trial court committed an error by upholding special exception seven, failing to properly apply the law regarding intentional emotional distress infliction.

Early Life and Education

His survivors include his wife, Debbie Zaremba; sons Robert Thomas “Tom” Zaremba and Joseph Zaremba (Jessie); daughter Laura Zaremba; grandchildren Alec, Zachary, Travis, Madelyn Gabriel Grayson Katelyn Colton as well as two sisters Cindy Waterman Newton who will host visitations between 1 pm to 7 pm with a service held right afterwards to commemorate Bob’s life. Visitation will take place from Friday 1 pm until 7 pm with a service held immediately afterwards to commemorate Bob’s memory immediately afterwards. Visitation will take place from 1 p.m. until 7 pm followed by a service to honor Bob’s life immediately thereafter. Visitation will take place Friday from 1 pm until 7 p.m. with visitation followed by service held shortly after.

Woodbridge police officers including Patrolmen Bob Kuzma and Chester Zaremba responded quickly, administering first aid to stabilize the victim until EMTs arrived, who airlifted him to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. These patrolmen attribute their swift actions to training received in both academy and field settings as well as experience gained as veterans of law enforcement.

Professional Career

At the height of his career, he performed worldwide tours and released many albums. In 1958 he received the Grammy Award for Best Classical Performance with his recording of Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto.

Fort Worth, Texas is richer for having him as an iconic presence and each four years the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition draws large audiences to this city.

Thomas Zaremba, a mortician who was Cliburn’s partner until 1996 and who filed a lawsuit aimed at their finances and assets. Zaremba accused Cliburn of exposing him to HIV as well as causing emotional distress by way of exposure.

Walt Zaremba initially began practicing law as a general practitioner, but has specialized exclusively in estate and elder law for the last decade. His goal is to craft plans that ensure you, not the government, have control of your wealth.

Achievement and Honors

Though open about his sexual preferences, Cliburn led a discreet homosexual life until the age of 32 when he met mortician Thomas Zaremba and fell into relationship. Together they lived for 17 years until 1994 when Zaremba relocated to Michigan and became a funeral director; during which time Zaremba claimed they had an oral or implied partnership agreement and thus were entitled to some of Cliburn’s wealth; additionally Zaremba filed suit alleging HIV infection through Cliburn as well as emotional distress; the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed due to lack of proof concerning any domestic arrangement but

Zaremba has received multiple honors and awards, such as being mentioned in “Who’s Who Legal” publication and being recognized by American College of Trial Lawyers.

Personal Life

Thomas Zaremba, a partner at Roetzel & Andress LPA in Toledo, Ohio assists clients with Business Litigation matters. He received legal training at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and holds a license to practice in Ohio.

Zaremba brought their 17-year relationship to public light when he filed a palimony suit against Cliburn seeking multiple millions in palimony payments. According to him, while serving as Cliburn’s business associate and promoter he organized promotional events and trips as well as managed some of his finances as well as providing care for his mother during that period.

He is survived by his wife, Debbie; sons Robert Thomas and Michael Zaremba; daughter Angela Zaremba; six grandchildren and two sisters. A private funeral service was held.

Net Worth

Robert E. Zaremba of Hermitage, Pennsylvania passed away peacefully on Friday March 26, 2021 after living 57 years. He leaves behind his loving wife Linda; two daughters Tamara Guthrie (William) and Laura Sindles; eight grandchildren: Jonathan Jack Sabrina Jessica Ben Brian Will.

Dee Kelly of Cliburn’s lawyer contends that allegations by Thomas E. Zaremba of Center Line, Michigan regarding Van Cliburn exposing former business manager and lover to the AIDS virus is nothing more than an attempt at extortion; “Van Cliburn categorically denies these claims”, she stated.

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