Tilton New Hampshire Weather

Tilton New Hampshire Weather

Depending on the time of year, you can expect to enjoy mild weather in Tilton, New Hampshire. In October, the average temperature is 58degF (15degC) with lows of 41degF (5degC). Some people describe this weather as “chilly with a light breeze.” July is the warmest month in Tilton, with highs reaching 80degF (27degC) and lows ranging from 61degF (16degC). In contrast, December is the coldest month, with lows of 12degF (-11degC).

The amount of rainfall in Tilton varies throughout the year. The percentage of days with rain and snow is highest during the wetter months of April and July, with the lowest percentages of precipitation occurring in February and January. However, these are not the only weather conditions that affect the town’s weather.

The percentage of time when the sky is partly or completely cloudy varies significantly throughout the year. The clearer part of the year starts around June 26 and ends around October 27. The clearest month is August, with 61% of the sky being clear. In contrast, the cloudiest months are October and February, which are both cloudy 57% of the time.

The coldest season in Tilton lasts for 3.3 months. In that time, the average temperature is below 39degF. The warmest month is July, when the average high temperature is 80degF. During this time, the weather is generally partly cloudy. The temperature rarely falls below zero and rarely reaches the upper limit of 88degF. For those who prefer the sunshine, the best time to visit Tilton is late June through early September.

The temperature is warm during the day and cool at night. The daytime high is around 66degF, with a south southwest wind of six to seven MPH. The UV index is 1 (low) during the daytime and three (moderate) at night. During the day, scattered showers may occur.

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